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Vacations: A Tip for Your Wallet

Where is YOUR wallet? 

Whether you have already vacationed for spring break, or you are planning a trip for the summer, it's never too late to learn about a mistake that could turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. So listen up! We have a small tip that will make your college vacation more about fun, and less about straightening out your stolen identity.

Going to a tropical paradise? Many of us are guilty of going to the beach with our sunscreen, towel, and a wallet containing our ID and money, whether it be a credit card or cash. Usually, as the day goes on, you want to swim, throw a frisbee with friends, or even take a small walk, possibly leaving your beach bag behind. Stop right there! An unattended bag on the beach is ideal for someone who is searching for the opportunity to steal your identity. If you don't wish to carry your bag, at least take your wallet with you.

Keep in mind this can happen anywhere. For example, another place where it usually occurs is a hotel room. Be careful not to leave your passport or credit cards in the open, in the case you have a hotel worker with wandering eyes.

It's better to be safe than sorry. The smartest thing to do is hide your identification and credit cards as if they were cash. If your information gets in the hands of the wrong person, your credit could be ruined, keeping you from getting loans and possibly a job down the road.

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