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Most of us love our homes, but there’s always something we’d like to change. Maybe it’s a new addition, renovating a kitchen, or simply giving a room a makeover. There are always two big stumbling blocks: what will it cost, and who is going to do the work?

One of the first things you get at the start of the school year is a fundraiser whether it’s for the school or a sports/academic team. It’s important for the school and team to get the extra money provided by fundraisers to afford services and extra special things for students. Fundraisers are also a good way for you to learn valuable lessons.

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Let’s face it, for most people, saving money is hard. It seems like the money is spent as soon as the paycheck hits your account. If saving is hard for you, here are a few tips to help boost your savings.

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Ever wonder what an Overdraft/NSF is, or a routing number? Here are basic definitions for an Overdraft/NSF, a check hold, and a routing transit number.

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That’s correct.  FORUM has coin counting machines at 10 of our 12 central Indiana branch locations.  FORUM members, there is no cost!  So all that coin you saved is all yours.  But what if you are not a FORUM member?  There is a minimal charge or become a FORUM member!  We would love to explain why you should move all your accounts to FORUM.  Save up that change!

Categories: Updates on FORUM

Over the past few months, we have communicated several changes that were made to better serve you, the members of FORUM Credit Union.  A few of those changes are, extended branch lobby hours, the ability to deposit checks from a mobile phone, and easier access to reach a live person when calling into FORUM CU.  Those changes were made because you said you wanted us to be more convenient.

In addition to hearing what we can do to better serve you, we want to know what you love about FORUM CU.  FORUM CU members consistently leave comments on surveys explaining how much they love FORUM Credit Union, and they regularly point out specific employees that have provided great service to them in the past.  Below is a few of the comments we received last month. 

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There are many things that can be considered money wasters like: eating out, “fancy” coffee drinks, or the 40th pair of shoes for your collection. We know these aren’t great choices, but their fun and sometimes just part of who we are. But, then there are items that you really don’t need and can skip altogether to save money.