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Your Financial Journey

Another year has come and gone. And while it’s exciting to think of the New Year and new beginnings, there is also value in reflecting on the past. From a financial perspective, taking a look back at 2015 can help you lay the foundation for moving forward in 2016. 

Sometimes it’s easy to see where we may not have met our own financial expectations, but it’s important that we focus on what we did achieve. In what areas do you feel pleased with? Maybe you saved a little bit more this year, or maybe you paid down a loan or mortgage. Perhaps you paid off a credit card or taught your child how to save money. No matter how small or big the step, you’re moving in the right direction. After all, creating good financial habits doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. In the areas where you may feel like you didn’t do well enough, write those items down as goals for next year. 

As you look forward to 2016, FORUM would like to help you in your journey to financial success. We offer various account options and free resources. If you’d like to amp up your savings, FORUM offers practical and fun ways to put away money. Our Weekly 5 Club gives you the chance to win cash prizes for making regular deposits to your savings. We also have an incremental savings plan called the 52 Week Money Challenge. You can start the year off by saving just $1 in the first week! If you’d like to save as a family, there are various youth accounts as well including a Sprout Savings. This account allows you to save for your child’s future while also receiving matched funds.

Maybe you want to work on paying down debt through debt consolidation or even refinancing to a lower loan rate. FORUM can help with that too. We have you covered no matter the loan type. Click here to take a look at your options.

You can find free resources on FORUM’s website too. Click here for tips and finance related articles on our blog. In addition, you can utilize our free calculators ranging from how much your savings will be worth to whether you should lease or purchase a new vehicle. 

No matter what your 2016 financial objectives are, FORUM is here to help you accomplish your goals

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