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It's important to get into good savings habits even if you don't have a lot to save. If you get into the habit of depositing part of your money into savings regularly, you will be on your way to developing good lifelong savings habits. Often, people call this "pay yourself first." This means to deposit money into your savings account before spending it on something else.

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When most people think of retirement, they conjure up images of around-the-clock vacationing on white sandy beaches. While for a select few, this may be the case, but for most, whether for financial, logistic, or personal reasons, this just isn’t what retirement looks like. However, vacations are an important part of anyone’s life. Here are a few tips for retirees who are planning a vacation on a budget.

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A budget is a listing of your income and expenses with the goal of making your total income be equal to or greater than your total expenses.

Let’s face it, teens need and want money for a multitude of reasons including school activities, entertainment, electronics, gas…the list goes on and on. It may be difficult to decide whether to continue or maybe even start to give your teen an allowance. Here are a few items to consider:

Since money issues are a leading cause of divorce, it makes sense to make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to finances. This is especially true of engaged couples.

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Saving money is a big deal. When there isn’t much left over after each paycheck, the money you do save has to be in the best possible account for you. Here’s what to consider when choosing a savings account:

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During 2011, FORUM Credit Union members completed 7119 feedback surveys.  And, each individual survey was reviewed, all comments were read, and many members received a call back from a FORUM representative for more information.  I am one of many FORUM representatives that read each and every survey that is submitted.  We appreciate all of your feedback, good and bad.  And, we are listening.  Several changes took place in 2011 in response to your feedback.

There are a lot of important conversations that you have as a family that sets the stage for expectations, goals, and values that you want to live by. One of those conversations should be about money, but how do you tackle the subject?