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We Are Listening

During 2011, FORUM Credit Union members completed 7119 feedback surveys.  And, each individual survey was reviewed, all comments were read, and many members received a call back from a FORUM representative for more information.  I am one of many FORUM representatives that read each and every survey that is submitted.  We appreciate all of your feedback, good and bad.  And, we are listening.  Several changes took place in 2011 in response to your feedback.

Several business processes were updated to improve service in our branches, and our branch drive thru’s.  Our branch hours were adjusted to improve convenience.  A new online banking system has been created, and will be available soon, that includes numerous new features including real time alerts that many members have been asking for.  The phone tree that you hear when calling us for assistance was updated, and better directs you to an individual that can resolve your situation in an efficient manner.  These are just a small sampling of the changes that were made in response to your feedback, and many more improvements are in the works.  All of us at FORUM Credit Union are committed to giving you a voice, and we are focused on providing a service experience that cannot be matched.  Please continue to share your feedback, we are listening!

Thank you for being a FORUM member!

Posted: 2/7/2012 with 1 comments

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Maria Tipton
My husband and I did a loan refinance at Forum on 10/27/2017. The person who did the refinance transaction with us was Nick Long. Mr. Long was very professional and patient. I had a lot of questions and he took time to explain in detail with me. He made us feel comfortable through the whole transaction. Forum is very blessed to have an employee such as Mr. Nick Long. Thank you so much Mr. Nick Long!
10/27/2017 6:54:48 PM

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