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Grocery Costs are Rising, Your Budget Isn’t: Here are 10 Ways to Save.

1) “Better” name doesn’t mean better quality.
Stop searching for brand name products. Generic products often consist of the same ingredients. Are you having trouble finding them? Start looking on the bottom shelves at the grocery store. Stores purposely put more expensive products at eye level.

2) Check for accuracy.
A very common mistake is not paying attention to ensure items are ringing correctly. Save the distraction of digging in your wallet for the very end. You may catch a mistake and save a few bucks.

3) Stop viewing rebates as an inconvenience.
It’s time to begin sending off those rebates! Yes, it takes a few minutes, but those small returns will add up.

4) Leave the kids at home (this includes spouses too).
Have kids or a spouse that acts like one? Leave them at home while you grocery shop. Grocery shopping is already difficult, but having companions that pick up anything and everything can make the experience even harder.

5) Stick to the mission.
Your list doesn’t typically consist of large containers of icecream or multiple bags of candy and chips (unless you’re planning for a birthday party). Stick to the mission at hand: your list. This will prevent impulse purchases and save you money.

6) Start making your own TV dinners.
We all have days where we don’t want to cook. Stop buying boxed meals in the frozen food isle and start freezing your own meals. Make enough to freeze the extras in plastic containers. When you don’t feel like cooking, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

7) Value your wallet more than the value meal.
You don’t always have to freeze the leftovers; you can pack them for lunch as well. Stop wasting your lunch breaks on trying to find a greasy fast food joint. Save time, frustration, and money - pack your lunch!

8) Stop the pop.
Or maybe you refer to it as soda? Whatever the name, consider eliminating it from your diet. If you’re looking for a sweet drink to quench your thirst, try powders that mix into water. They are inexpensive and should do the trick.

9) Quit paying people to do the work for you.
Cut fruits and vegetables are convenient, but they are also more expensive. Buy whole fruits and vegetables and cut them yourself. If there is too much, freeze the leftovers for vegetable soup or fruit smoothies.

10)  Let the ads control you.
Okay, maybe you shouldn’t do this with other aspects of your life. But when it comes to planning your meals for the week, it’s an excellent idea. Try planning your menu around weekly grocery ads. You may have to compromise some of your favorite meals, but you can dramatically cut your spending.

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