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Defend Your Wallet: Throw a Winning Party for the "Big Game" on a Budget.



With the “Big Game” just around the corner, family and friends may be expecting you to throw a winning party to celebrate the special occasion. There is only one problem: you’re short on cash. Don’t fret; a tight budget won’t stop your party from being a touchdown. Here are 4 easy ways to save money on your party this year:

Don’t be Blindsided by Expenses. Buyer’s remorse can be very aggravating. Making a budget allows you to see where you’re spending money and prevents spending too much in one area. Many websites offer budget templates you can print for your own use. Check them out!

Tackle the Decorations with Spirit. Who wants to spend money on decorations that are only used once? Instead, ask guests to decorate your party by sporting their favorite football jersey, even if their favorite teams are not in the “Big Game.” The jerseys will spark enthusiastic conversation and make for a very spirited party!

“Bulk-up.” Many of us are guilty of paying more for a product due to a time constraint. Don’t penalize yourself for throwing a party; begin thinking ahead for all special occasions. If you don’t have leftover supplies from recent celebrations, it may be best to buy in bulk for the “Big Game.” This is an excellent option for frugal spenders as you spend less for more and are less likely to run short of supplies in the future.

Become an Open-Receiver to Avoid Extra Expenses. Missing a blender that is crucial for preparing that victorious dish? There’s no need to buy equipment you may only use once. Ask a friend or family member if you can borrow one.

Lastly, huddle with your guests and make a game plan for food. Be open to trying new things and provide guests a sign-up sheet to bring their favorite dishes. Now you can avoid multiple guests bringing those typical pasta salads and save money at the same time. Helpful hint: For your dish, it may be best to “carb it up.” Foods high in carbohydrates are filling, and most importantly, inexpensive.

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