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Four Realistic Ways for Teens to Make Money

Sometimes school activities can interfere with holding a part-time job, or maybe you’re simply not old enough to begin working yet. Whatever the obstacle, here are four realistic ways to make extra cash:

1) Winter weather brings excellent business opportunities. Go to every house in your neighborhood and ask if you can shovel their driveway for $10 to $30, depending on the length of the driveway. Some people are uneasy about one person approaching their door and offering services so it may be best to round your friends up and work together. Working with your friends may be a better approach because it is safer, more efficient, and may not put off potential customers. If you do your job well, you will likely have loyal customers in the future.

2) Maybe your parents need an extra hand? You probably don’t want to hear it, but doing house work may be an excellent way to make extra money. Ask if you can clean the house each week and negotiate how much you will be paid. Remember to do the job well and charge a realistic rate.

3) If you’re not cleaning, maybe assist an elderly person with everyday tasks we sometimes take for granted. Maybe they are having trouble operating their television or computer, or they aren’t able to get groceries as much as they would like. Form a good relationship with this person and you’ll likely gain more than you can put a price on.

4) Babysitting is not just for girls, nor does it only consist of watching after infants. Even children two years old and up need someone to look after them. Caring for children shows responsibility and leadership. This is a great way to not only earn a little money, but also gain references for your future. However, if you plan on looking after children that are not related to you, some states require certifications. See if this is required in your state before babysitting.

If these ideas do not sound like a good fit for you, explore your resources online. There are plenty of websites that list great ways to earn a few extra bucks. Remember to keep records of the money saved, invested, or spent. If you are saving for something in particular, open a savings account and begin portioning your earnings.

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What job(s) have you held to make a few extra dollars? If you have not held a job yet, from the list above, what job would you like to do most? Why?

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