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Your Child's Financial Future

For a healthy financial future, it’s essential that your child learns how to manage money well and appreciates the importance of saving money. After all they will eventually need to make financial decisions on things like education loans, auto loans, savings, and credit cards that will impact their financial future for years to come. Because financial education still falls primarily on parents, it’s crucial that you share your knowledge and skills with your kids. Make sure to draw from your successes andyour mistakes. Discuss the importance of earning, saving, and spending saving money, and planning for future goals.
FORUM can also help you and your child plan for the future and create good money management skills with our Sprout Account. This is a savings account that is flexible for your child’s future. It can be opened any time between birth and age 18 and funds are available once your child turns 18. No minimum deposit is required to open the account and contributions can be made by anyone and at any time. It earns a competitive dividend rate and FORUM will match 10% of deposited funds per calendar year on qualifying deposits. *
No matter what your child’s future holds, FORUM’s Sprout Savings Account can be used for whatever the need. When the time comes, this account can help your child supplement their college savings, help with their first-time auto purchase, or allow them to pursue a different opportunity in lieu of college.**
It’s never too late to teach your child good financial habits. For more information or to open aSprout account now, click here.
*Maximum match $100 per calendar year. A minimum of $200 in deposits must be made to qualify for match. 

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