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Saving Money on Your Pet

Whether you treat your pet just as you would a child or try not to go overboard on pampering, pets are expensive!  Whichever realm you fall into, there are ways to save money and still treat Fluffy to the good things in life!

Be a do-it-yourselfer in this area.  Pets don’t care who gives the bath or clips nails, they either like it or they don’t, but you can usually persuade them to do anything with a treat.  So, reward your pet with a treat after a bath or nail clipping.  If you aren’t sure how to clip nails, ask your vet or look online for tips.  Also, by practicing good, regular hygiene, you can save money on vet bills as well.

You may have already started down the path of buying the most expensive food known to pet-kind, but if you haven’t, here’s a secret, most pets aren’t picky eaters.  Also, pets don’t look at the packaging, so remember that when you buy fancy packaging, you’re buying it for you.  Just make sure to read the label of whatever brand of food you buy; you may want cheap, but you don’t want to skip on vital nutrients.  For treats, most human food such as fruits and vegetables are safe to feed animals; check with your vet first.

Accessories and Toys
Ok, so the diamond studded collar is calling out to you, but try to refrain.  Pets are like kids with gifts, they’d rather play with the packaging than the toy inside.  Yes, it’s ok to splurge once in a while, but a pillow and blanket works just as well as an expensive pet bed (most of the time, they end up in your bed anyway).  Also, pet toys are made from the same material as regular toys.  An old tennis shoe or tennis ball will work just fine.  Get old stuffed animals from a consignment shop or from a friend’s kid who has outgrown them.

Just like humans, the better shape pets are in, the healthier they are.  Don’t over-feed your pet.  Talk to your vet about how much food your pet requires or research online.  Keep treats to a minimum.  Exercise regularly - take your pet on walks, to a doggy park, or pay a neighbor kid to walk them.  Some pets are very susceptible to specific diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, by keeping them in shape you can minimize their risk and save on veterinarian bills.  Don’t ever skimp on your pet’s health.  Make sure you give them whatever medications they need including heartworm pills and vaccinations. 

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Posted: 3/21/2011 with 2 comments

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Elen Sia
A good money-saving tip that I have been practicing since October last year: I buy my dog's supplements from two different websites because they are SO MUCH cheaper. Shipping from these two sites is also free with minimum orders. Our dog needs the supplements every day for joint health, so the cost savings have been kind to our wallet.

Always shop around when it involves non-critical items that your pet needs. Do not assume that because they are available at the vet's clinic, they are the best value.
4/2/2011 10:26:47 PM

My cats are happiest with a wad of paper - LOL!

Also, for anyone reading this during the week of March 28th, PetSmart has an offer where you buy one bag of Iam's cat food and you get a rebate offer to mail in to get a voucher for another bag - FREE! Wonderful way to help save money on cat food!
3/29/2011 3:27:15 PM

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