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CU Online Feedback

With the launch of FORUM’s new CU Online, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from our members!  Thank you for letting us know what you think.  We’ve also heard about a couple of issues.  Below are two common concerns and how to resolve them.

  • If you use Bill Pay through CU Online, you may need to disable your computer’s pop-up blocker for Bill Pay to work.  The process for disabling a pop-up blocker will be different depending on what browser you are using.  If you have any trouble disabling your pop-up blocker, please call us at 317.558.6299.
  • When going through the multifactor authentication process, the Security Code input screen should remain open (don’t close your browser) when retrieving the actual code from your email or text.  You’ll need this code to gain access to your account(s). 

We appreciate your feedback, so please feel free let us know what you think!

Posted: 3/8/2012 with 17 comments

Categories: Updates on FORUM

Dear Valued FORUM Member,

We appreciate your feedback and are taking all of your feedback into consideration for future possible enhancements. Being able to organize your accounts is definitely a future possibility. In terms of the layout of the site, we do not have any plans on the horizon to make that change because of the current fixes available that you mention (i.e. changing the landing page). If you'd like to discuss any of your concerns further, we would be happy to contact you.

Thank you,
4/23/2012 10:15:44 AM

A Valued FORUM Member
First, I would like to preface these comments about CU Online with the only statement that I could polish to sound like a complement -- I am glad to see FORUM [i]finally[/i] switch to a non-Flash web app. Unfortunately, that's where the complement ends. I logged on to find that the site was not as usable or as intuitive as it was before the update. Since the release of this version of CU Online, I am beginning to resent my time spent using FORUM's online banking application. I don't generally dislike change, but this change came at a cost.

My biggest gripe is its dependency on persistent browser cookies, which is archaic at best. Implementing cookies as a "security" feature is, let's face it, not really much of a security enhancement at all. While most people may not be preoccupied with cookies (or the implied "security" that they provide for CU Online), I prefer to have my browser maintain its footprint on my system. All cookies, including those left behind by CU Online, are dispatched by my browser when I close it. This, in turn, forces me to request an e-mail or text message containing a security code [b]each[/b] time I want to use CU Online to view my accounts. I use CU Online more than once a week, so this is a real hassle. You may say that I should change my browser preferences to "fix" this issue. To be honest, I would rather change financial institutions just on principal. Why should I have to change my entire web experience for this?

My second complaint is one of utility. There are two features that, I believe, do nothing aside from cluttering the layout of CU Online -- "Budget" and "My Favorites".

I do not use the "Budget" feature and I do not want it to be the entire focus of my online banking experience. This bothers me to the point that I almost feel insulted by its presence, even when I'm not viewing it. I do not need a "hold my hand" approach to managing my finances. While I can appreciate the market's need for this feature, I really wish I could turn off the "Budget Dashboard" altogether. Yes, yes ... I know I can change the "Landing Page", but it complicates the design. The "Budget Dashboard" is [i]still[/i] available by clicking the "Home" button. I want my landing page (in my case, "My Accounts") to be displayed when clicking "Home". It just seems logical.

As for the "My Favorites" section of the "My Accounts" page, I have to ask ... how many accounts do most members have? More than five? That would be the only time I would find that feature useful. Since I have fewer than five accounts, my "My Favorites" section is empty; yet it occupies half of the "My Accounts" page. In fact, it is smaller when I add my accounts. Couldn't this have been designed so that the page would be void of an empty "My Favorites" section? Collapsing the "My Favorites" section is not an acceptable solution. The section will remain unused and will continue to take up space. Just show me all of my accounts in a list; they are all my "favorites". Perhaps the page could be redesigned to allow the user to change the display order of their accounts, so that the "favorite" accounts could be placed at the top of the list.

My intention is not to be negative, but to be as honest and constructive as possible with the feedback that CU Online's application developers and product managers really need to see. Hopefully my input can help make the next release of CU Online a bit more ergonomic.
4/22/2012 1:18:03 AM

Hi Cameron,

We are sorry you are having issues with CU Online. Can you tell us some of the specific problems you are experiencing? There may be something we can help with.

Thank you,
4/6/2012 8:52:51 AM

It is slow and the worst piece of CRAP I have ever used
4/6/2012 6:37:04 AM

Hi Terri,

To see other categories you'll need to setup additional budgets. This can be done right on the dashboard screen by clicking the “edit” button next to “Budget.” You will then want to click “Add Category” to create a new budget for the specific category. That budget will then appear on your dashboard below the “Cash” budget. If you have more questions or would like further instructions, please feel free to contact Trevor Greene, Technology Support Agent, at 317.558.6218.

3/29/2012 11:30:37 AM

I have set up a budget for several different categories in CUOnline but I'm having trouble on the dashboard page. Currently I have the 'Cash' category listed along with the pie chart. I'm having trouble figuring out how to change that budget category to different one on the dashboard screen. I also am having trouble figuring out how to change the budget for a particular category if I need to as I'd like to be able to see the category and it's current budget figure to know if I need to change it or not.

Are there any plans with future enhancements to create a report showing all categories and their budgets so you can see them all on one report?
3/28/2012 7:22:59 PM

Hi Dina,

We have contacted our Bill Pay provider and they are now aware of this issue and working to correct it. Thank you for letting us know!

3/28/2012 2:32:53 PM

Dina Goodman
On my Bill Pay home page, the scheduled payments are now displaying in a random order. They used to be in order by scheduled payment date but now they are all jumbled up. When I did a LIVE chat, I was told to use the Scheduled Payment tab which doesn't give me what i'm looking for since these payments are in order by Payee name. Is there someway for me to get my scheduled payments to display in the order they used to be in - by scheduled payment date?
3/28/2012 11:04:54 AM

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your feedback. We will use this feedback for future enhancements within CU Online. Currently all transfers are user based, so you can only see the transfers once they appear in the history and not when they are scheduled.

Thank you,
3/26/2012 4:52:28 PM

There seems to be a logic flaw in your new CU Online tool. I setup a automated transfer from one account to another to occur every 2 weeks. Basically I was moving monies from our checking account to each of my kids savings account. The problem is, that when my wife logs in to CU Online she does not see the automated transfers, only I can see them. So she setup an automated transfer as well, which I could not see....Bottom line...we should BOTH have access to see ANYTHING related to our joint accounts regardless of which ID is used to set it up......
3/26/2012 4:03:56 PM

Thank you for fixing the Quicken issue, I am now able to download my data with Quicken alone. Thanks for listening
3/23/2012 7:32:19 PM

Hi David,

Switching between devices shouldn't be the problem. However, we know there are issues with the cookies not being remembered on PC’s. This is usually due to browser settings or anti-virus software that is deleting the cookie regardless of whether the user selects to have the machine remembered. We are currently working on modifications that should help this situation significantly. With regard to Quicken, we have worked with Intuit and gotten them past our new security process. They are still working on their script modifications that enable them to pull in member’s account data. This is outside our control. If your accounts still aren’t updating correctly in Quicken, you'll need to contact Quicken directly for assistance. Please let us know if you have further questions or issues.

3/22/2012 2:24:30 PM

I'm a fairly new member and like the improvements except for the authentication process. There seems to be a bug that if you use multiple devices to access CUOnline, only the most recent device is remembered. This causes you to have to do the email loop whenever you resume using a previous device. This makes it difficult to switch between the iPhone and my PC. I hope this gets fixed soon.

I second Dave's comment above regarding Quicken. Many other institutions that I use have a seperate interface for Quicken to use that is updated independently of the User Interface. The two do not need to be tied together.
3/14/2012 6:35:10 PM

Hi Dave,

Your feedback is appreciated. I'd like to address a couple of your concerns.

The new version puts an emphasis on easy workflow for common tasks, but also adds much needed new functionality that our members requested. We are not changing for change's sake. It is us seeking improvement in all areas of the system.

Over the past several months FORUM Credit Union has attempted unsuccessfully to reach out to Intuit (parent company of Quicken and to make them aware of the new version of CU Online. We will continue to attempt to resolve the issue with Intuit, though we do advise others to feel free to contact Intuit and let them know of the interrupted service as well. Many other major financial institutions use this same type of online authentication method, so Intuit should be familiar with this process. We expect and hope for this issue to be resolved shortly; in the mean time you are able to download your history data manually from CU Online to either Quicken or

Thank you,
3/12/2012 2:44:19 PM

I am all for change, especially when it enhances the user experience; however, the changes to the new site failed in this mission.

It appears that this change was only for new technology (i.e. smart phones, tablets, etc...). While those seem to work and look good, you broke many features that we, as members, have been using.

The new login process, works well for browser access, but not for packages that access your site. People are using applications like Quicken, and to get their information, but these are now broke.

Even the new Accout Screen is very .... something .... I use to be able to get all of my information and control from a single screen and now I must traverse multiple screens to see everything (a screen is what fits on the screen and you do not need to page or slide to see more).

I would suggest making sure that any new functionality/features you wish to add on your web site does not impact your current members accessability and productivity prior to going live. This does not do much for your reputation when it comes time for the next web change.
3/12/2012 11:02:37 AM

Eventually the length of account history to be viewed through CU Online will extend to two years. Currently the number of transactions that can be viewed on a single screen increases depending on the date range selected. Changing font size is not an option currently available but one being considered in a future release, allowing for additional history to be viewed on a single screen. Part of the secure authentication process does involve the use of attaining a security code and recognizing the computer that you are accessing your account on. Please contact our technology support coordinator, Trevor Greene at 558-6218, to review other options that may be of assistance.

FORUM reached out to Quicken several weeks prior to the rollout of the new CU Online in an attempt to achieve a resolution to having the ability to download account history. This is a process we continue to pursue with hopes of a attaining an expedited resolution. At this time members do have the ability to go into their FORUM account history, download (Quicken file), save history, and then go into Quicken to upload. We appreciate your feedback and patience as we work to build on the new enhancements offered through CU Online.
3/12/2012 8:54:05 AM


I am not happy with the new CU online. When looking at an account register, you have to scroll a lot more, since each transaction is taking up a lot more space with a larger font and box around it.
Can we somehow make the things more compact for viewing? I would think people would want ease of use, and not more cuteness.

I also am unhappy with the authentication process. For security, I clear my internet cache each time. Now to check my Forum account, I also will have to login to my email account each time to get the code.

I use Quicken and now Quicken cannot update automatically anymore. So to update my account, I have to not only look at Quicken, I have to login to my email to login to Forum to manually download my transactions.

I don't need forum for budgeting, there are many place to manage your money, I think CU Online should be a place to easily access your data and nothing more.

How are these changes improving service? This is a huge disappointment.
3/10/2012 9:10:19 AM

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