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Stay on a Budget this Summer

With summer comes lots of activities, especially when you have kids out of school to entertain. Here are a few tips to help you stay on budget whether you are going on vacation, throwing a backyard barbeque, or charged with entertaining kids.

With the current cost of plane tickets and gas prices, the best money saving option is a “stay”cation. You don’t have to travel far to have a good time. With summer weather, you have plenty of options within driving distance to go to a lake or park and do some camping and/or swimming. These are usually the most relaxing vacations because there’s no stress over airports or driving for 10+ hours straight with a car full of kids.

Free Entertainment
Summertime is a great time for free entertainment with festivals, parades, farmers markets, and concerts. Make sure to check out all the summer activities in your area so you don’t miss out. Some movie theaters even offer free kids movies at off-peak hours during the summer.

If you are planning on having friends over, don’t try to provide everything. Ask them to bring a side dish and their own beverages. This will save you the money and stress of having to do it all. It’s also a cheaper alternative than going out to eat as a family, so be sure to suggest a bbq next time someone invites you out.

Money Making
One thing that’s even better than saving money is making money. Summer is a great time to hold a garage sale. Involve the kids in gathering items to sell. They can also set up a lemonade stand during the garage sale to get in on the money making venture.

Go Online
There are so many websites available with inexpensive or free ideas and activities to entertain your family during the summer. Some of them are pretty obvious like flying kites or blowing bubbles, but they can be very helpful when you are in a summertime rut.

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