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Summer Savings for Students

Summer’s here for college students and plans are being made to enjoy the time off of school. How will you spend your summer: going out, pool parties, the lakes? Whatever your plans, it’s difficult not to spend all the money you make (and then some) on summer activities. Here are a few tips to help you have fun and still keep money in your pocket.

Free Entertainment
Check out local events such as free summer concerts and festivals. Read local newspapers or go online for activities in your area.

Go Camping
Get a group of friends together and go camping. This is a great alternative to an expensive vacation, and hanging out around a fire and visiting with friends can create some of the fondest memories you’ll ever make.

Get Sporty
Summer is a great time to get active. There are many free tennis courts and basketball courts that you can visit. Ask some friends to meet on a regular basis to motivate you and keep busy without spending money.

Bike it or Hike It
Save money on gas by riding your bike or walking to work, a friend’s house, or the pool. This is also friendlier to the environment and your waistline.

If you are planning on having friends over, don’t try to provide everything. Ask them to bring a side dish and their own beverages. This will save you the money and stress of having to do it all. It’s also a cheaper alternative than going out to eat, so be sure to suggest a bbq next time someone invites you out.


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