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If you’ve taken steps to protect those who depend upon you – such as obtaining life insurance, writing a will, or developing a trust – give yourself a pat on the back. If you haven’t taken those steps, you should. Having a will and/or a trust helps to ensure that your hard-earned assets are distributed properly, and life insurance can help your spouse, children, and any other dependents meet their financial needs if you can’t.

A lot of people worry about their credit and many financial experts devote much of their time to encouraging people to think about it. So what is it about this thing called credit that’s so important?

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College is a great experience – learning about new subjects and meeting different people along the way. College is also a chance to learn about life!

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After listening to a recent speech by FORUM Credit Union’s new CEO, I keep thinking about new ways to tell the story of FORUM Credit Union. FORUM has benefited thousands of central Indiana residents over the past 70 years and we need to find new ways to spread the word about that.

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Winter heating bills can really put a chill on your finances. Here are a few tips to help save money on your heating this season.

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What do you get when you ask members to submit a video asking about an experience they had with their credit union? You get: a lifeline, financially fit, a student’s story, a dream car, and a rap!

Holiday costs have a funny way of adding up very quickly. You may tell yourself that you’re not going to spend too much this year, but once you get past the gifts, the wrapping paper, cards, decorations, and all those other things, you’ll find that you’ve spent much more than you expected to. If you stop and think about it, there are many ways you can scale back your holiday costs.

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With the holiday season approaching, more consumers will be shopping online. How can you tell that the website you are purchasing from is legitimate? Here are things to look for to determine the legitimacy of a website.