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Tell the FORUM Story

After listening to a recent speech by FORUM Credit Union’s new CEO, I keep thinking about new ways to tell the story of FORUM Credit Union.  FORUM has benefited thousands of central Indiana residents over the past 70 years and we need to find new ways to spread the word about that.

If you think about all 100,000+ members of FORUM Credit Union, and think about all of those members that were assisted while purchasing homes, cars, financing new business ventures, building retirement savings, and all of the bills that have been paid through FORUM checking accounts, it is pretty impressive.  If one could combine information from all of those members, it would tell a great story.

One of the best ways we can tell that story is through you, the members of FORUM Credit Union.  You have been the benefactors of what we have had to offer over the past 70 years.  So, I ask for your help, will you help us tell our story?  How has FORUM Credit Union served you since you joined?  While you are attending holiday gatherings this month and next, tell your friends and family members the story of FORUM Credit Union.  You can only talk about the weather and economy for so long, change the topic and share your thoughts on FORUM. 

Thank you for being a FORUM member!

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