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How Do You View Money

People view money very differently, and as a teen, your opinions about money are mostly shaped by your parents. Whether you see it as simply a means to buy things you want or something more, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident with your emotions toward money.

Many times, money can be the cause of arguments. You may not understand why your parents say no to your requests for things. The best way to avoid conflict is to sit down and discuss expectations. Before you ask your parents for something, research how much it costs and present them with a plan on how you can help pay for it: chores, babysitting, mowing yards, etc. This will show them that you understand that “money doesn’t just grow on trees” and that you are willing to make the effort to help.

Money can sometimes become too important in a person’s life. A good idea is to sit down with your family and discuss what is most important in your lives; you’ll find that money takes a back seat to what really matters. Gaining this perspective on money now will help you be much happier later in life.

Another important aspect of how you view money is understanding how to manage it. Have your parents explain how they manage their finances. As they’ll tell you, they may not be perfect at it, but you can learn from their mistakes as much as you can from their successes.

What are your and your family’s feelings toward money?

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