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Stop Your House from Leaking Money

Did you know if your house isn't properly insulated, it could be leaking hundreds of your hard-earned dollars each year?

But how do you know if your house has air leaks?

First, run some tests. Several areas are notorious for leaks, including attics, basements, dryer vents, chimneys, and more. You can't fix leaks without being certain you know where they are, so run two simple tests.

Hand Test
For larger leaks, you'll need a cold day for this test. Go outside and walk around your home, holding out your hand to feel for drafts of air. Hold your hand around all doors, windows, and bathroom and air vents.

Candle Test
This is for smaller leaks. Light a candle and walk around the inside of your home to places you think may have air leaks - electrical outlets, lights, baseboards, and even phone jacks. If the candle flickers, you have a small leak.

(Make sure you turn off your A/C or heat when conducting this test).

The next step is to record all of your detailed findings, and research a DIY repair, if possible. Hiring a contractor to conduct more advanced tests will also help you identify air leaks.

What other suggestions do you have for finding and fixing air leaks in your home?

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