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Five "No-Value" Home Improvements

Improvements are to be expected when you are a homeowner. Whether it's staining a deck, or reshingling a roof, there are always things to do.

Some homeowners decide to take it a step further and make improvements that will increase the value of their home. This is where it gets tricky - some improvements, although nice, may not add value to a home. Yes, a current homeowner may enjoy the improvement, but a potential buyer may be far from impressed.

For this reason, it's important to focus on adding functionality to your home - For example, adding a family room or extra bathroom may be a wise investment. Other improvements, however, allow little opportunity to recover costs.

Here are 5 home improvements that don't add value to your home:

1. Improvements You Can't See

New plumbing or HVAC unit may be necessary, but most homebuyers expect them to be working anyway.

2. Carpet

"New carpet throughout" is nice and all, but many homebuyers today cringe over the idea of having a home full of carpet.

3. High-End Improvements

Choose upgrades wisely. If you still have pea green carpeting from 1962, don't spend your money on stainless-steel appliances for the kitchen.

4. Swimming Pools

Many homebuyers (especially those with children) view pools as dangerous and a hassle to maintain.

5. Too Nice of a Home

If you've added additions and now have a mansion that sits in a one-story home neighborhood, you won't see a significant change in resale value. Most people don't want to spend $250,000 for a home in a $150,000 neighborhood because it will seem overpriced. 

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