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There have been reports of a caller using local phone numbers to pose as a representative from FORUM.  At FORUM, we take the security of our members very seriously. Your information has not been compromised. These calls did not originate from FORUM; please do not respond.

At FORUM Credit Union, we take the security of our members very seriously. After a detailed investigation, our research indicates that our systems are safe from the Heartbleed Bug.

Categories: Security

Several large e-mail providers have experienced security compromises over the past two weeks. We strongly encourage FORUM members to change their e-mail passwords. As an added precaution, we also recommend changing your online banking password. Your e-mail and online banking passwords should never be the same.

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It is important for you to become familiar with various types of phishing scams, and how to guard against them. 

Categories: Security

Target announced this morning that as many as 40 million of their customers' credit and debit card data may have been compromised for anyone who made purchases at the retailer between November 27th and December 15th.

FORUM Credit Union is working closely with MasterCard® to determine if any Credit Union debit cards have been compromised by this breach. 

Members have reported receiving text messages disguised as FORUM Credit Union.  One of these texts says, "FCU Alert: Your Card is INACTIVE. Please call 317-559-4165." Below is a screenshot.

These texts did not originate from FORUM; please do not respond. Please email us at if you have experienced any fraud.

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Counterfeit FORUM cashier checks are being circulated.  The checks may state you have won the first overall prize by the FORUM UNION SWEEPSTAKES COMMISSION, and include an entry code and winning numbers. 

The letter includes instructions on how to activate your check, along with a claims agent and phone number. This is not a FORUM Representative.

These checks did not originate from FORUM; please do not try to cash them. Please email us at if you have experienced any fraud. 

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