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Your Voice

As a FORUM Credit Union member your voice is important. FORUM Credit Union actively participates in the legislative process to represent the best interests of our Credit Union member/owners. There are important legislative issues being discussed every year that impact the products, services, and rates associated with FORUM accounts and services. FORUM speaks up to preserve the cooperative financial model for delivering financial services and you can too.

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A few top issues in Congress impacting credit unions are:
  • Regulatory Burdens - In a recent letter to CFPB Director Richard Cordray, CUNA pointed out that policies coming out of Washington that limit consumers' ability to obtain safe credit, or make it difficult and more expensive to access products and services from their community financial institution, such as their credit union, are not making their lives better. CUNA is hopeful that a new President also brings new opportunities to reduce regulatory burdens. Read more about possible changes to the CFPB here
  • Data Security - Credit Unions are strictly regulated with regard to data security and notification of data breaches. Credit unions have systems in place to protect sensitive information and supports efforts to extend similar requirements to other industries, such as retailers, that handle sensitive information. View the latest infographic from the Electronic Payments Coalition indicating consumer preference for choice in the payment security space.  
  • Preserving the credit union tax status - Congress has provided the credit union federal tax-exemption because of the not-for-profit, cooperative structure of credit unions, and the special mission credit unions have to serve consumers. The credit union tax status is not based on the size of credit unions or the products and services that they offer; it is based on the credit union structure. This rationale for the tax-exempt status has been ratified several times by Congress. Visit the national Don't Tax my Credit Union information center