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Can I earn rewards?

Absolutely - your rewards are based on your lifestyle. By enrolling in our rewards program through CU Online you could receive credits.

Rewards Selection

All new accounts are automatically set to earn cash rewards. To change your reward option selection through CU Online, go to "My Accounts" and simply click on the rewards icon next to YOUR Checking and select your reward type. 

Rewards Options*  

Cash & Banked

Rewards for cash or banked rewards will be earned at the rate of $0.05 for every FORUM debit card transaction (PIN or signature based transaction). Banked rewards will put all earned cash into your account at the end of the year.


There are two options for earning dividends on the YOUR Checking Account:

  • Maintain a total of $1,000 or more of new money coming into your checking account each month (deposits include payroll direct deposit, social security direct deposit, etc., transfers from another account do not count toward the $1,000 requirement).
  • Perform 20 or more debit card transactions each month on the account designated to earn dividend rewards (PIN or signature transactions).

Receive the current checking account dividend rate. See FORUM’s deposit rate sheet for current dividend rateDividends paid on daily balances of $.01 to $25,000.
*Rewards items based on last day of the previous month through the second to last day of the current month. Rewards are credited to the account as dividends and will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on a 1099-INT. See Truth-In-Savings Disclosure for full details and disclosures. 



Talk to us

For more information about our YOUR Checking account please Contact Us or visit one of our branch locations.