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Your Business Online

Creating a Great Place to Work 

The success of your business is tied closely with your employees and the quality of the work environment your company offers. That’s why it is essential to provide employees with all of the tools and resources necessary to make their experience happy, healthy, and comfortable. This doesn’t mean you have to dish out a lot more money. In fact, what employees tend to value goes beyond typical job perks like generous salaries and vacation time.
Creating a good work environment begins with hiring the right people, and establishing the corporate spirit you want your customers to experience. Doing regular team building activities can lend to healthy relationships in the office and to open lines of communication. Team building activities can be as simple as going out to lunch together, or even participating in an HR development event.
Open communication with employees is huge, too! When you keep employees in the loop, it reminds them they are part of the team and allows for closer working relationships. You also don’t want to underestimate the power of feedback. Giving employees specific feedback on how their work feeds into the broader business goals makes a difference. This is especially true for millennials. According to ManpowerGroup, millennials prioritize people and purpose over promotions and climbing the corporate ladder.*
Healthy work-life balance is also key to retaining good employees. Offering flexible working hours or the option to work remotely are just a couple of ways you can help your employees strike the right balance. Encouraging your employees to take regular breaks can also help prevent depression and other stress-related illnesses that can cause long-term absenteeism.**
Giving employees plenty of continuing learning opportunities will also create a great place to work. This includes items like on the job training, reimbursement for education, and promoting staff from within the company. And don’t forget to recognize success. According to Adecco, only 24% of employees are satisfied with the level of recognition they receive at work.*** There is definitely some room for improvement in this area.
You have the ability to change your business’ work environment by implementing a few of these simple steps. Best of all, most of these solutions are low to no cost, but the returns are significant. Feeling hesitant? Start with just one change and see how it goes!

News for Business Debit Card Holders:  Effective March 1, 2017, FORUM is no longer able to reset your PIN number in an effort to help protect our members from account fraud.  Please visit a branch location to reset your PIN.  Business members with a personal FORUM account may also request a PIN reset by sending a secure email to FORUM through their CU Online account.

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