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True Story: National Mentoring Month  

There seems to be a special day or month for everything as these pop up on the news and social media outlets on a regular basis.  You see all kinds of crazy ones – with most of them containing some type of promotional value to a particular industry.  However, one that I think we can all agree on as valuable is National Mentoring Month in January.  You can likely reflect on your past and reference back to one or more persons who have invested time in you to help you improve your life.  I know I can, and have been fortunate to experience many mentors in my FORUM career.  We strive to make a difference in the lives of young people in our community and have a variety of outlets we utilize as a means of mentorship.  

  • Youth Accounts – We have intentionally designed accounts tailored to our youth members.  From a Student Checking Account to our Sprout Account that helps save for college or trade school expenses, we have options to help our young members grow financially.  One of my favorites is the Graduate Auto Loan Program that can help finance a first car and build a positive credit history.
  • Young Leaders Council –  Our newest addition to the suite of offerings is the Young Leaders Council (YLC).  This council consists of a group of young adults working to collaborate on new ideas for the Credit Union and review current products to ensure we are marketing effectively to the young adult market.  We are always seeking members to join the council so please complete the online application form if you are interested. 
  • Bright Start Program – We support the entrepreneurial spirit and the impact it can have on a child’s life.  The Bright Start Program is designed to promote early entrepreneurial skills for kids and teens.  Check out our website for details.
  • FORUM Foundation – In 2014, we established our own self-funded FORUM Foundation with the purpose of making a difference for youth via classroom grants for local educators and scholarships.  Each year the FORUM Foundation grants $25,000 (maximum of $2,500 per educator) to local classrooms for a variety of purposes.  The collegiate scholarships are awarded to up to seven recipients who each receive $5,000 annually.  These are eligible for renewal, up to four years, for a total of $20,000.  The application for scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year is now available and due February 1, 2017. 

These are just a few examples of our commitment to youth and playing a mentoring role in the lives of young people.  As a not-for-profit cooperative, our members are also owners of the Credit Union and we depend on the participation of our members.  So, if you are a young person or know someone who might benefit from and enjoy these opportunities, please inquire about participating.  We appreciate your ownership at FORUM and hope you take pride in being a member and all that we try to do for our members and our local community.