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Thoughts on the Relocation of Our East Washington Street Branch, by Doug True (CEO)



I am a life-long east side resident and still live on the east side today.  My first Credit Union role in 1988 was at 8201 East Washington Street.  The place and, even more so, the people (members and FORUM teammates) mean a great deal to me.  I frequently visit our branches and always enjoy stopping by the office where I started.  


On Wednesday, September 18, FORUM’s East Washington Branch teammates broke ground on our new location at 7855 Brookville Road, just two miles south of our current location – with an expected move-in date in the spring.  We have heard from many members who are excited about our move and from a few who are saddened by us leaving the East Washington location.  To those who are saddened, I want you to know that we did try to stay on East Washington.  For nearly a year, we tried to purchase land at Franklin Road and East Washington Street, but we could not gain approval from the landowners due to an existing covenant requiring that a restaurant be built on this parcel.  We even door-knocked existing business owners to ask if they would sell us their land so we could build a new branch, with no luck.  Our only options on East Washington were in the Washington Square and Cumberland areas, which were too far east for our many members who use this office and value the proximity to I-465.  Numerous members have asked for a drive-up ATM at this location and for improvements to the parking lot. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have enough land for a drive-up ATM and, because we don’t own the land just south of our building, we are not authorized to fix the potholes in the parking lot.  Additionally, the maintenance costs of a sixty-year-old building continue to increase.  We also want to provide a better interior work environment for our teammates and our members.


I understand some members may be upset that we are moving, as I too share a connection to this building and location.  At the same time, I am excited about the opportunity to add to the legacy of this branch with our new location – where we will have a shiny new drive-up ATM; three wide, drive-through lanes; smooth and plentiful parking; and a sunlit interior to serve you in the manner you deserve.  I hope you catch our enthusiasm for the branch.  I should note that the positive feedback about the new location far outweighs the complaints, but I felt compelled to tell our story about how this location change decision has evolved and how much deliberation has gone in to it. Thank you for being a member.


Click here for more information about the relocation of our East Washington Street branch.





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