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Your FORUM Online

Accounts to Help you Save

Saving money may seem difficult, but if you take small steps one day at a time, it is absolutely achievable. Don’t let another year go by with unmet savings goals. FORUM would like to help you take the initial step in securing your future goals and dreams.
First things first. Take a look at your budget and expenses. Don’t have a budget? Create one! Click here for a free budgeting sheet that can help you consider every expense and income category. Once you’ve completed and reviewed your budget, look for areas you can make changes and adjust your habits. Can you cut down on dining out and entertainment? How about saving money by using coupons at the grocery store? Determine a goal amount for each category and put the rest toward savings. It’s easiest to stick to your budget if you have some short and long-term goals in mind. In the short term, maybe you’d like to have a family vacation. And perhaps for long-term you’d love to help pay for your child’s education or have a comfortable retirement.
It’s important to pick the right tools to help you save. Setting up an automatic transfer to your savings account every time you receive a paycheck is one of the most effortless ways to put aside money. At FORUM Credit Union, we have accounts that can help you save and give you additional perks. With a CommonCents Account, you can save your change with every signature based debit card transaction you make. Plus, you can earn dividends and receive a bonus reward. Or maybe our Saving for a Reason Account is a better match for you. You can earn a competitive dividend rate, choose a savings term between 1 and 5 years, and set-up automatic transfers into the account. FORUM also offers Share Certificates with competitive dividend rates and terms from 91 days to 10 years.
No matter how you choose to save, the main goal is that you do save. There’s no time like the present. Click here to open a savings account online, or visit your nearest FORUM branch location.

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