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True Story: Achieving Your Savings Goals in 2015, by Doug True (CEO)



FORUM Credit Union celebrated its 73rd birthday on December 7th.  One of the primary reasons Indiana Bell employees got together to form the Credit Union was to help fellow employees save money during the economically challenging times of the early 40s.  This still remains a purpose and a passion as we begin the New Year.  FORUM wants to help you achieve your savings goals; whether it’s to build your emergency savings, help with a down payment for a car or home, or perhaps save for that upcoming vacation.  

We also want to make sure that saving money is a fun and rewarding practice for you, which is why we recently introduced the 52 Week Money Challenge.  This account is a simple way to save money regularly with a goal to save at least $1,378 in a year.  This account features an easy to follow incremental savings plan and a grand prize drawing of $1,378.  The challenge kicked off on January 1st and we wish our 561 members who have enrolled the best of luck as they increase their savings this year.  

In addition to creating new savings options, we worked with Indiana legislators to pass House Bill 1235, which allows Indiana credit unions to offer prize-linked savings accounts to members.  FORUM teamed up with State Representatives Gail Riecken (D-Evansville) and Woody Burton (R-Greenwood) to make this new legislation a reality.  We really appreciate their dedication and service to their constituency and the state as this will help all credit union members in Indiana.  FORUM’s prize-linked savings account, the Weekly 5 Club, gives you the opportunity to not only earn dividends on your savings but potentially win prizes for saving money as well.  We have enhanced this account by super-sizing the prizes so members now have the opportunity to win prizes that range from $25 to $5,000.  This account is a sure way to easily save money and have fun doing so. 

We recognize that saving rates have been at historic lows the last six years, and, as a result, you may not have had much of an incentive to save. We hope that our new and enhanced accounts make savings a simple, fun, and rewarding experience for you and your family.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too, as we share savings tips, tricks, and special offers from time-to-time.  We also welcome you to stop by your favorite branch location and visit your friendly FORUM Team where we can help you with all of your financial goals.   

Happy New Year and best wishes for a prosperous 2015!


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