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Your FORUM Online

Protect Yourself & Your Money

Data breaches seem to be an increasingly familiar headline in the media, and until merchants and other keepers of personal data are held to the same robust security requirements followed by financial institutions, this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Protecting yourself and your accounts can be easy, but it does require some up-front time to put needed precautions into place. 

Follow these 4 basic steps to better protect yourself and your money. 

  1. Freeze Your Credit – the state of Indiana allows its residents to freeze their credit free of charge and easily online. This prevents others from opening accounts using your social security number.  
  2. Monitor Your Accounts – use free online banking tools and apps to securely monitor the money coming into and going out of your account. Text or email alerts can be set up to notify you of the most important activities taking place on your account. 
  3. Complete Tax Returns Early – If you complete your return early, it reduces the chances that a criminal will successfully file a return using your social security number. 
  4. Use Strong Passwords & Practice Online Awareness – Passwords are not fun to manage so it’s tempting to use the same one for multiple accounts and to use easily remembered dates and phrases. Avoid this temptation, even for non-financial sites such as social media. Additionally, be cautious about using free WiFi when visiting sites that require a password. 

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