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More than Just a Credit Union

When you opened your account at FORUM Credit Union, you became more than just a customer,  you became an owner and participant in a credit union cooperative. As member-owned cooperatives, credit unions invest earnings in competitive products and services to meet the financial borrowing and savings needs of members. Unlike for-profit financial institutions that have to generate revenue for stockholders, credit unions invest their revenues in serving their members.
This makes us a little bit different. Our board of directors is made up of members of the credit union and our team works hard to be sure that our member-owners have the services they need and the positive experiences they deserve.  To help protect our ability to serve members effectively, FORUM supports the legislative efforts of the Credit Union National Association. Learn about important local and national issues impacting your financial cooperative by visiting Issues like data breaches, regulatory burdens, and preserving the credit union tax status are important and have an impact on savings and loan rates, technology advances, and new services designed to help you live your financial dreams.
So, thank you for being a member of FORUM Credit Union and helping to preserve the spirit of a locally owned financial cooperative.

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