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Pumpkins and Planning

It’s time to welcome October! Besides enjoying pumpkins, fall colors, and apple cider, it’s also a good time to plan. Did you know that October is Financial Planning Month? It’s a time you can set aside each year to take a look at your finances and strategize how you can make your money work for you!

When creating a financial plan, there are many pieces to take into account. To begin, it’s wise to consider how you currently manage your money. Create a budget while reviewing statements, and examining your spending. How much are you saving each month? Can certain services or purchases be eliminated? Can you save money by shopping around for lower rates? As you begin to see where you can save, then tackle any debt. After paying off one loan, apply those payments to the next loan you want to pay off.

Once your budget is handled, it’s time to determine your short and long-term goals. What is important to you and your family? Whether you’re planning for a vacation, sending a child to college, or saving for retirement, it’s important to research your goals and decide on a realistic number. Then establish a strategy to help you reach those specific goals. 

As with all things financial, it’s essential that you monitor and update your financial plan regularly to accommodate for life changes, market conditions, or changes in income and expenses. If you are interested in assistance as you create your financial plan, FORUM Private Client Group can help. They provide financial planning services to individuals based on their unique financial goals. You can call 317.558.6322 or email

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