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Save Money &Time on Holiday Shopping

Enjoy the holidays and lower your stress this season with a few easy strategies! When it comes to shopping and sticking to a budget, doing a little preplanning and organizing can make a big difference. 

Before you step foot into a store, or do any online ordering, it is imperative that you make a Christmas list. Try to write down every single expense you can think of for the holidays – gifts, entertainment, dining out, travel, etc. Once your list is complete, assign monetary values to every item. Are you comfortable with the total amount? If not, see where you can cut back or purchase less expensive items. 

In order to stick to the list and budget you’ve created, it’s a good idea to start shopping early and search for deals online. If you wait until the last minute to shop, chances are you’ll experience more stress and you’ll end up making impulse purchases on items that aren’t on your list. As you go about your shopping, make sure to take advantage of FORUM’s online banking budgeting tools. In CU Online, you can create a budget and assign specific transactions to various budgeting categories. This can help you stay on top of spending. And in 2017, you may want to consider opening and using a Santa Savings Account throughout the year. This account helps you save for the holidays while earning dividends on your deposits. Your funds are available mid-October of each year.

If you’re in need of some gift options this year and you don’t have a lot of time, FORUM can help you with that too. FORUM Visa® gift cards are available for purchase at every FORUM Credit Union branch location. 

We hope a few of these tips can lower your stress and keep your holidays merry and bright! 


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