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New YOUR Checking Information

YOUR Checking is becoming even better! We have listened to members sharing their desire for simplicity and are making the following changes to the FORUM YOUR Checking Account. The changes below take effect July 1, 2018. Please note that all banked rewards will be paid June 30, 2018 and will start with zero to then grow throughout 2018. 


  • Simplified rewards structure
  • Elimination of transfer fees (from FORUM savings accounts to YOUR Checking)
  • Elimination of the multi-use fee (this applies to a very small percentage of FORUM members who have a negative account balance multiple times throughout a calendar year)
  • Change in the negative account fee tiers to a flat fee of $2 per day the account is negative and the addition of 48 hour time period to bring account positive before incurring the negative account fee (the Non-Sufficient Funds fee still applies).
  • Flat fee of $39 for overdraft fee (spending money that is not in your account to take your balance below $0).
Hint - to avoid overdraft and negative account fees use FORUM’s mobile app and/or CU Online home banking to set account alerts to be notified when your balance falls below a certain threshold. 

New Rewards Structure

Members can continue to choose how they want to be rewarded:
  1. Dividends
  2. Cash back each month
  3. Bank rewards - helps you save during the year and puts all earned cash into your account at the end of the year
Any account currently signed up for dividends, cash, or banked rewards, will continue to receive the designated reward in the manner previously selected (note that all rewards selections are made within FORUM’s free online banking, CU Online). Any new account opened July 1, 2018 or after, is automatically enrolled in the cash option. If you would like to select a different reward option at any time, simply go into CU Online to change your selection.  

Choose Your Reward

  1. Cash & Banked - rewards for banked or cash rewards will be earned at the rate of $0.05 for every FORUM debit card transaction (PIN or signature based transaction)
  2. Dividends - There are two options for earning dividends on the YOUR Checking Account:
    • Maintain a total of $1,000 or more of new money coming into your checking account each month (deposits include payroll direct deposit, social security direct deposit, etc., transfers from another account do not count toward the $1,000 requirement). OR
    • Perform 20 or more debit card transactions each month on the account designated to earn dividend rewards (PIN or signature transactions).   

No Transfer Fees

Another great enhancement to the YOUR Checking Account is the elimination of overdraft transfer fees when using the automated overdraft transfer service to move money from your FORUM Savings Account to your FORUM Checking Account to cover a check or debit transaction when there is not enough money in your account to cover the item. 

Hint – to avoid the situation of not having enough money in your FORUM Checking Account to cover a check or debit card purchase use FORUM’s mobile app and/or CU Online home banking to set account alerts to be notified when your balance falls below a certain threshold. 

Get the most from your FORUM Checking Account:

FORUM has automated tools to make saving money and paying for the things you need convenient and hassle-free. Follow the tips below to make the most of your FORUM Checking Account. 
  • Set up direct deposit of your monthly employer payroll or social security
  • Use FORUM’s free online banking software, CU Online, and FORUM’s free mobile app to receive real-time account alerts (a variety of alerts such as balance, withdrawals, deposits, etc. are available)
  • Use your FORUM debit and/or credit card to make secure mobile payments using your Apple Android, or Samsung mobile device
  • Pay all your bills and make personal payments to pet sitters, babysitters, etc. using FORUM’s free online bill payment solution
  • Automate your savings by opening a FORUM CommonCents account, tied to your FORUM Checking Account. This allows you to designate an amount to save with every signature based debit card transaction. The designated amount goes directly into your CommonCents Savings Account, helping to establish a nice savings routine. 
  • Use your FORUM debit and credit cards to easily see and manage all transactions within the FORUM mobile app and home banking software
  • Access over 5,000 shared branch locations and over 4,800 Alliance One surcharge-free ATMs across the country when traveling or if moving out of state for anytime access to your accounts and money