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Learn from your Fundraiser

One of the first things you get at the start of the school year is a fundraiser whether it’s for the school or a sports/academic team. It’s important for the school and team to get the extra money provided by fundraisers to afford services and extra special things for students. Fundraisers are also a good way for you to learn valuable lessons.

Goal Setting
Most fundraisers have a goal for each student to reach in order them to hit the amount of money they need for the year’s activities. You can strive to reach that goal or set a higher one for yourself. Sometimes there are incentives and rewards for hitting a specific amount for individuals and/or the team.

Business Know-How
Fundraisers come with a lot of responsibility, think of it as a mini-business. Take the time to know the items you are selling so if someone has a question you can be helpful. Know your deadlines for when order forms and money is due and when people can expect their items to come in.

Money Handling
You probably have little experience with collecting money, so this is a great way to learn. Be sure to ask what type of money you can turn in, cash or checks. Also know who the checks should be made out to. There are also fundraisers that allow for online payments. Keep the money you collect in a safe place or ask a parent to help you. 

Are you currently participating in a fundraiser and how is it going?

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