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Retirement Vacations on a Budget

When most people think of retirement, they conjure up images of around-the-clock vacationing on white sandy beaches. While for a select few, this may be the case, but for most, whether for financial, logistic, or personal reasons, this just isn’t what retirement looks like. However, vacations are an important part of anyone’s life. Here are a few tips for retirees who are planning a vacation on a budget.

Day Trips
A vacation doesn’t necessarily mean a week or more nor does it always have to involve a far-away destination. There are probably hundreds of places to visit within driving distance. Plan one or several mini-vacations throughout the year. You can plan your trips based on events such as summer festivals or fall foliage viewing.

Group Rates
You can really get some great deals by traveling with a group. By securing multiple spots on the trip, a group can travel for a much better rate than single travelers. Plus, this is a great way to meet new people and really have an exciting trip involving lots of planned outings and activities.

Last Minute Deals
The beauty of vacationing in retirement is that you no longer have as many restrictions, such as needing to be back to work Monday morning. This allows you to take advantage of last minute deals as well as mid-week specials. Sign up for email alerts from online travel companies to receive special last minute rates.

Tell Your Age
It may not be the most comfortable thing to do, but by not telling your age you could be missing out on special deals for retired individuals. Search online for 55+ vacation to see a plethora of vacation deals, plus make sure to look for 55+ specials throughout your trip whether at hotels, restaurants, or entertainment. There’s usually always a deal to be found.

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