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A financial plan is a document that helps you determine how you’ll achieve the goals you want from life, as well as how you’ll meet your future financial needs. A thorough financial plan looks at every aspect of how finances affect you and your family, covering issues such as retirement, education, housing, medical needs, insurance and luxuries. It examines your present situation, spells out your needs, and decides what steps will allow you to meet those needs. A good financial plan also gives you benchmarks to use as targets, so you’ll be able to tell how much progress you’ve made.

Do you already have plans to spend your tax rebate before you even get it? Planning on buying a new TV, cell phone, or computer? Stop and think for a minute about your financial situation before you start your shopping spree. Here are a few tips to help you be smart with your tax rebate.

To simplify and update the look of FORUM’s website, the homepage will be changing on Monday, February 7th. The changes will only affect the homepage and not the side navigation or secondary pages. This change also does not affect CU Online, FORUM’s online banking.

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Although it's very exciting, shopping for a car can be a scary experience. Buying a used car is a great option but the buyer must beware. Follow these tips when shopping for your used car to be prepared and help avoid scams.

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Our annual Aware Teens Rewards winner, Zachary, just received 500 points!

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A great first step in improving your financial life is debt reduction. Credit card offers are so appealing these days: low introductory rates, reward points, high limits. Many consumers rely on them to get through hard times and are left with large amounts of debt and high interest rates. Here are a few strategies to help you begin the process of reducing debt.

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Jennifer is FORUM’s 2010 Weekly 5 Club Winner! Take a look at her response to winning:

The Challenge is back! This is FORUM’s 3rd year to offer the SaveItUp Challenge. Be entered to win prizes when you increase your savings and reduce your debt.

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