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Tell us “Your Story,” and you could win an Apple iPad value at $699! Just make a short video telling us how a FORUM product has impacted you! Fans then vote on their favorite video, and the member with the most votes/likes will not only be featured on FORUM’s website and YouTube channel, but they will also win a brand new iPad!

Tax-Wise Giving

Tax-Wise Giving

7/24/2011 with 0 comments

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Generally speaking, Americans are a generous group. Once we meet our own financial needs, we start thinking about others who could benefit from what we’ve earned.

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Everybody has a “dream car.” Most dream cars also come with a very hefty price tag and if you like a really expensive car, it is probably more than you will earn in one year of work. After realizing that the dream car may have to wait, you might select a more affordable car or even a used car. Still the same dilemma though, how do you pay for the car?

Knowing whether you should refinance your existing mortgage is a difficult question to answer. You’ve probably heard your friends or family members discussing refinancing their mortgage loan and how they have significantly lowered their monthly payment. So, you are probably wondering if and when you should consider refinancing?

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In addition to tuition and living expenses, there are many other costs associated with college. Whether your parents are footing the bill for these extras or you are, you’ll want to be prepared before heading off to college.

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There are several different schools of thought when it comes to which debt you should pay off first.

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At FORUM CU, we consistently receive a large amount of feedback from the credit union members.  We have members completing surveys online and through the mail.  Members give feedback during interactions in our branch locations, over the phone, while interacting in live chat, and in e-mail correspondences.  Every piece of feedback left is reviewed, documented, and appreciated. 

One of the most common topics we receive comments on is branch locations.  Over the past month, one member commented that they would like to see a location in Muncie, and another commented that they would like to see a location in Franklin.    Guess what, there are actually five branches in the city of Muncie that FORUM CU members can utilize.  And there is also a branch in Franklin as well.

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As a parent you know that saving for your child’s future is important. You may have established several different methods for saving for them including education funds.