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Location, Location, Location…

At FORUM CU, we consistently receive a large amount of feedback from the credit union members.  We have members completing surveys online and through the mail.  Members give feedback during interactions in our branch locations, over the phone, while interacting in live chat, and in e-mail correspondences.  Every piece of feedback left is reviewed, documented, and appreciated. 

One of the most common topics we receive comments on is branch locations.  Over the past month, one member commented that they would like to see a location in Muncie, and another commented that they would like to see a location in Franklin.    Guess what, there are actually five branches in the city of Muncie that FORUM CU members can utilize.  And there is also a branch in Franklin as well.

Visit to find the locations of over 4,000 branch locations nationwide that can be utilized by FORUM Credit Union members.  Credit Unions work together to share branch resources in an effort to better serve the members of credit unions across the country.  The beneficiary of this collaborative spirit is you, the credit union member.  We are here working for you, listening to your feedback, and identifying ways to better serve you as a member of FORUM Credit Union.

Access to Credit Union shared branch locations is a service that credit union members must qualify for, and is not available for FORUM CU business members.  To confirm your access, contact a FORUM representative.

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