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Benefits of Working During Retirement

More and more retirees continue to work or start new careers during retirement. Whether it’s a part time job or volunteering, working during retirement can be very rewarding.

Health Benefits
Research suggests that working after retirement leads to fewer incidents of major disease. Doing something you enjoy, keeping active, and creating relationships are all beneficial to your overall health and happiness.

When working isn’t all about making money and providing for a family, it can become something else. If there is something that you have always been passionate about, now is a great time to find a position around that passion.

You may have had a position in the past that required a lot of your time; in retirement you can look for a job that lets you make your own schedule.

Working in retirement doesn’t necessarily mean you need a paycheck; there are many volunteer opportunities: tutoring, working in a hospital, or a soup kitchen. Again, finding your passion can be very satisfying.

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