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Make Car Shopping Easier with a Pre-Approval

Buying a new car is an enjoyable, yet stressful event. Short of paying cash for your vehicle, being pre-approved for an auto loan by your credit union eases the negotiating stress.  

You know the amount
By being pre-approved for an auto loan, you already know what price range of vehicle you can afford. This will help you narrow your search when visiting the dealership. 

You know the rate
With a pre-approval you know the interest rate and don’t have to talk in monthly payments but rather the cost of the vehicle. 

Knowing all this before going to the dealership, you can discuss the cost of the vehicle, rebates, and dealer incentives rather than your credit, their rates, and monthly payments. 

Pre-Approval Tools
1.      Current Auto Loan Rates
2.      Auto Loan Calculators
3.      Online Application
4.      Your Auto Center

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