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Professions and Industries

If you are like most teenagers, you're not sure "what you want to be when you grow up." Teenage years are tough because it's a time when many major choices must be made: college, course of study, profession. These choices can cause a little stress. How could a young person possibly know the answers to these questions?

If you talk with any adult about how they ended up in their current profession, you'll find that most of them didn't take a straight and direct path. You'll find they usually started out doing something that was interesting to them and kept their eyes opened for other interesting opportunities and finally ended up where they are today.

As you plan for your own profession, think about things you enjoy. Do a little research to see what industries and professions incorporate things you enjoy. Choose courses of study that will enhance your ability to develop a career that will make you happy. Most importantly, be open to changing your plan if something better comes along.

Following is a small sample of industries listing a few professions within those industries. Take a look to see if any of these are of interest to you.



Accounting and Consulting

Accountant; CPA


Farming; Forestry; Logging


Dealer; Repair; Transportation


Advertising; TV and Radio; Marketing; Photography; Public Relations; Music; Art

Consumer Products and Services

Apparel; Department Stores; General Merchandise


General Dentist; Oral Surgeon; Orthodontist


Teacher; Coach; Professor; Principal


Banking; Currency Exchange; Investment Banking

Government Agencies

County; City; State; Federal

Health Professions

Health Care Consultants; Veterinarians; Optometrists; Nursing Homes; Pharmacists; Psychologists; Speech Pathologists


Lawyer; Judge; Politics

Physicians and Surgeons

Internal Medicine; Pediatrician; Anesthesiologists; Surgeon

Real Estate

Developer; Commercial or Residential Broker; Sales


Systems Analyst; Programmer

For more complete information, check out some of the sites listed below.

What career are you interested in pursuing?

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