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Categories: Career, Students

What is an entrepreneur? It is a person who organizes, operates, or takes on the risk of a business venture.

Learn the difference between an ATM card and a debit card.

A lot of people worry about their credit and many financial experts devote much of their time to encouraging people to think about it. So what is it about this thing called credit that’s so important?

Categories: College, Finances, Students

College is a great experience – learning about new subjects and meeting different people along the way. College is also a chance to learn about life!

Categories: Education, Finances, Students

Ever wonder what an Overdraft/NSF is, or a routing number? Here are basic definitions for an Overdraft/NSF, a check hold, and a routing transit number.

Categories: College, Students

If you are preparing for college, it is important to understand the different funding options available to you. Here is the basic terminology for 3 different options:

If you have an Aware Teens Account but are 16 years of age or older, this might be a good time to switch to a free Student Checking Account. When you open a free Student Checking Account between May 15th and August 31st, you'll be automatically entered to win one of 13 prizes.

A checking account can be a little scary if you're not sure what you should and shouldn't do. Read through these checking account do's and don'ts to help you understand how to make the most of your checking account experience!

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