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With the SaveItUp Challenge coming to a close this year, we asked our members to share their personal savings story. Here’s what they said:

Your home may seem like a money hog: mortgage payments, utilities, and maintenance. But for those who have equity in their homes or the right property, your home may actually be able to save or even make you money.

Categories: Homeownership

Whether you are buying your first home or upgrading/downsizing to a new one, there’s a lot that goes into home buying. Here are some basics to consider when purchasing a new home.

Categories: Homeownership

Many homeowners are making the decision to renovate rather than move. Unless the renovations are minor or you have the know-how and time to tackle the project, most owners will need a contractor. There are a lot of stories about contractors who didn’t do the job right; there’s even a home show about fixing the mistakes of renovations gone bad. So, how do you go about selecting a contractor?

Categories: Homeownership

When your current home isn’t fitting your needs anymore, the decision to move to a new home or to renovate your existing home is a difficult one. If you do decide to remodel, here are a few things to consider:

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If you are planning on fall home improvements, there are certain improvements that may qualify for tax credits.

Categories: Homeownership

Most of us love our homes, but there’s always something we’d like to change. Maybe it’s a new addition, renovating a kitchen, or simply giving a room a makeover. There are always two big stumbling blocks: what will it cost, and who is going to do the work?

Knowing whether you should refinance your existing mortgage is a difficult question to answer. You’ve probably heard your friends or family members discussing refinancing their mortgage loan and how they have significantly lowered their monthly payment. So, you are probably wondering if and when you should consider refinancing?

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