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Important Information


Key Facts (for consumer accounts)

  • Please access CU Online from FORUM's website ( and not from a saved link or favorites/shortcut menu. Members trying to use a saved link may receive a Server Error page because the saved link included an encrypted account number that may have changed after the system upgrade.  
  • To find your member number (which might be different after the upgrade), use FORUM's mobile app (iPhone, Android) or online banking, or call a FORUM member service representative. Within FORUM's mobile app, your member number will be presented on the settings screen. In CU Online, your member number will be displayed on the account details page. 
  • Scheduled payments and deposits (social security, paychecks, loan payments scheduled to be paid, etc.) will not be impacted and will process as they normally would. 

Consumer Accounts General FAQs 

What software system is FORUM upgrading?

FORUM is upgrading the primary software system used by our front-line staff members and that stores all member and account information. FORUM’s home banking software and mobile apps are not changing. We are excited to have this advanced, new system that will now be used not only for individual member accounts, but also for our business accounts and our first mortgage loan accounts. Previously, there were three different systems used to house this information.  

Why is FORUM upgrading its software system?

The software being upgraded was installed at FORUM in 1977. It has been supportive of FORUM’s business needs since that time, however, is no longer being developed and improved. To meet ongoing member and regulatory needs, a more robust software system that is continually being improved is a business requirement. 

What preparations has FORUM taken to ensure a smooth system upgrade with limited member service interruption?

FORUM has been preparing for this system upgrade for over a year. We have worked closely with our partner/vendor, who is a national leading provider for credit unions, and who has successfully upgraded hundreds of billion-dollar financial institutions across the country. Additionally, FORUM has “practiced” moving over to the new software prior to June 30, 2018, to be sure everything works correctly and with limited interruption to members. The upgraded system is provided by the same vendor responsible for the software that is being replaced, which offers added assurance for a smooth upgrade process.   

How will I be able to access my account during the upgrade weekend?

FORUM’s debit and credit cards will continue to work over the upgrade weekend and members can use ATMs for cash without interruption. Please note that if you have opted in for overdraft privilege, this functionality will not work starting Friday, June 29 through as long as Monday, July 9. 


Account Structure FAQs

What does it mean that the new system is person-based versus account-based?

FORUM's previous system was mandating a change from the account-based structure to a person-based one and our new core system is person-based as well.  Modern banking systems are person-based due to compliance requirements and the ability for a member to see all of the accounts in which they are an owner at the institution in one place.  In an account-based system, there is a base account and then sub-accounts underneath the base.  This meant if a person was joint on the base account, they then would see all of the sub-accounts underneath the base even if they were not an owner on these sub-accounts.  Sub-accounts can include accounts like checking, special savings, money markets, certificates, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), and loans. This type of structure not only created concerns from a compliance point-of-view, but also created member concerns. In a person-based system there are no sub-accounts, each account is independent.  When you login to internet banking or your mobile app to see your accounts, you are viewing all accounts in which you are an owner.  We recognize this shift from an account-based to a person-based system has created confusion for some of our members.  One of the most common concerns has to do with loan viewing and loan payments for those members who are not on the loan, but are accustomed to seeing it and having the ability to make a payment on the loan, because they were joint on the base account on the old system.  With the new system, we do have a form that can be signed by the owner of the loan granting viewing and payment making access to the others not on the loan.  This has been welcomed by many members as a viable option for this scenario.  


Will my FORUM account number change?

Yes, your FORUM account numbers will be changing. The new format for account and member numbers are that each person will have a  “member number” to identify you as a member. As a FORUM member, you will have various accounts (savings, checking, loans) that will be identified with account numbers. You will not need to re-order checks, however, as we will automate the process to be sure any existing checks post to your account as they should. When accessing your account via mobile or CU Online, knowing your account number is not necessary. When conducting a transaction in a FORUM branch location, we are able to look up your member number and all account numbers using your name and other personal identification processes (verifying your driver’s license, for example). To see what your new account numbers and member number are log into CU Online or access your accounts using the FORUM mobile app (iPhone, Android) and all of your updated account numbers and member number will be presented to you on and after July 3, 2018. When in CU Online, go to the details screen to see your full, unmasked account and member numbers. If you use a non-FORUM shared branch location and do not have access to view your new account numbers in CU Online or our mobile app, please use FORUM's online chat, call our member services team, or stop by any branch location and a FORUM team member can provide assistance. 

Will I be able to use a shared branch location to access my account after the upgrade weekend?

Yes, you will be able to continue using shared branch locations after the upgrade is complete. You will need to give the shared branch location representative your member number as your account identifier. To find your member number, use FORUM's mobile app (iPhone, Android) or online banking, or call a FORUM member service representative. Within FORUM's mobile app, your member number will be presented on the settings screen. In CU Online, your member number will be displayed on the account details page. 

Will account suffixes still be used to note which account is checking, special savings, HSA, etc?

No, account suffixes will not be used in the new system. Each person will have a member number and then each account, such as checking, CommonCents, Sprout, etc. will have its own unique account number.  

What if I have a business account, in addition to my personal account, will that account number also change?

The account numbers for business accounts are not changing. See Business Account FAQs here

Are any account fees changing?

In conjunction with the system upgrade, FORUM is eliminating the overdraft transfer fees previously charged when using the overdraft transfer service to move money from your FORUM Savings Account to your FORUM Checking Account to cover a check or debit transaction when there is not enough money in your account to pay for the item. Additionally, the check cashing fee (charged primarily to non-FORUM members cashing a check written from a FORUM account), the early closure fee for the Santa Savings Account, and the Tellerphone draft inquiry fee are all being eliminated. 

Are the rewards I earn on my FORUM checking account changing?

FORUM is making a change to the number of checking accounts offered and how rewards on the account are earned. This change is not being made because of the system upgrade, however, it is being made in conjunction with the system upgrade to avoid making the changes on the older system and then making them again on the upgraded system. Click here for full details on how to earn cash back, interest, or banked rewards on the FORUM YOUR Checking account. All banked rewards will be paid in full before the system upgrade on June 30. Future banked rewards will grow effective July 2018 through the end of 2018. 

Are there any changes to FORUM's Direct Checking Account product?

Direct Checking is FORUM's "fresh start" account for members who are working to improve their credit. There is a $10 monthly fee assessed for this account that is currently debited from the account on the 15th of every month. Effective July 1, 2018 the fee will be debited from accounts on the last day of every month. 

How will my dividend calculation change?

Dividends on all FORUM accounts (except certificates) have historically been calculated using the Average Daily Balance (ADB) method. This means that at the end of the month the system looks back at the average daily balance in your accounts to then determine the correct dividend amount to award. After the system upgrade, the calculation for dividends will be based on the Daily Balance method instead of the ADB. The Daily Balance method uses the actual balance on each day in the month instead of using the average amount, divided by the number of days in each month. 

Will my direct deposit and automatic payments continue to post to (and from) my FORUM account?

Yes, your direct deposit credits and automatic withdrawals (like insurance payments) will continue to post to your account without interruption. There is a change in the ability to have your direct deposit post to multiple accounts automatically. If you would like your incoming deposit to post to more than one FORUM account please use CU Online, FORUM’s free online banking software, to automate these deposits. Setting this up in CU Online is quick and easy and once this is set up all deposits will automatically go to the designated account every month. 

Do I need to order new checks?

You may continue to use previously ordered FORUM checks until your supply runs out.  At the time a check re-order is needed you should be sure new checks are using your updated FORUM checking account number. 


Statement FAQs

What will change with how I receive account statements?

You will continue to receive the same statements that you do today, however in the new system only the primary account owner will be able to see e-statements in CU Online. If the primary account owner is not enrolled in CU Online or only a joint owner is currently receiving e-statements, that account will be converted to receive paper statements. This is a system feature and not something FORUM has the ability to change. Joint owners will be able to continue viewing all of the account history/details in CU Online for the accounts they are joint owners on, ensuring that account access to information/transactions is not interrupted. 

Will changes take place with my enrollment in e-statements?

Most members will continue to receive e-statements as they do today, but there are a few situations where an account that is currently receiving e-statements will be converted to paper statements. A Sprout Account, for example, is always in the name of the child, and because the child is the primary account owner, the joint owner on the account will no longer receive the e-statement within CU Online. A paper statement will be mailed to the home address listed for the child. Other examples of this situation are specialty accounts such as a Trust or Estate account, organizational accounts in the name of the organization or business, or an account on which an adult child is currently receiving e-statements for a parent's account (an adult child helping take care of an aging parent's account, for example). In these situations, a paper statement will begin being mailed to the primary member's address on file effective July 2018.  


Home Banking, Bill Pay, ATMs & Mobile App FAQs

What will change with CU Online, FORUM's online home banking software?

FORUM is not changing the software used for home banking. You may notice slight changes to the information presented in CU Online, as this information is being pulled from the core system (which is being upgraded). Any scheduled transfers will take place as scheduled. Your new FORUM account numbers will also display in CU Online.  Please access CU online from FORUM's website ( and not from a saved link or favorites/shortcut menu. Members trying to use a saved link may receive a Server Error page because the saved link included an encrypted account number that may have changed after the system upgrade. 

Members are encouraged to add nicknames to CU Online accounts. The nicknames added before June 29 will be retained after the system upgrade and will help you quickly identify your accounts (some of the system generated account names are changing due to how the new system functions).

Will anything be different with the real-time account alerts I have set up?

All account alerts will be turned off during the upgrade weekend, starting Friday, June 29 at 6 pm. Account alerts will resume no later than Tuesday, July 3.

Additionally, the real-time alerts for loan deposits and loan withdrawals will not be immediately available following the system upgrade. FORUM is working with the alert provider to gain these alert types as soon as possible in the updated system. While these alert types are unavailable, we suggest enrolling in the Transaction Summary alert on your loan. This alert type will send you an e-mail the morning following any transaction.

Finally, the real-time alert for your “available balance notification” will be temporarily changed to a notice of your actual balance. Your available balance reflects any preauthorization holds or deposit holds and the actual balance includes all items that have cleared the account up to that point (it does not include holds, outstanding debit purchases, checks, or pending ACH items.. If you are not already using the debit card pre-auth alert, FORUM suggests adding this alert type to be sure you are aware of pending holds or payments on your account. FORUM is working to restore this alert type to display "available balance" as soon as possible.

I use personal finance software to manage all of my financial information in one place (such as Mint or Quicken). Will I need to make any changes to these sites after the upgrade?

Yes, you will need to update your account information and re-establish the connection between your FORUM accounts and any third-parties, such as Mint or Quicken. 
  • Quicken instructs users who visit CU Online to download Quicken transactions to complete an account deactivation and reactivation. View the instructions for Quicken Windows or Quicken Mac
  • Quicken instructs users who have provided Quicken with their CU Online credentials to download Quicken transactions to complete an account deactivation and reactivation. View the instructions for Quicken Windows or Quicken Mac
  • instructs users who have provided Quicken with their CU Online credentials to download Quicken transactions to complete an account deactivation and reactivation. View the instructions. 
  • There is a chance transactional data may be duplicated when your new account is set up. See this site for information about how to correct this issue. 

These software systems are not managed by FORUM and connectivity issues to them are taken care of by each company (Mint, Quicken, etc.). Please contact these companies directly for support if there are integration issues after the upgrade. 

Will anything change with FORUM's mobile app (iOS and Android)?

After the system upgrade, an update from the App or Google Play store will be needed to use FORUM's mobile app. After receiving the update, you will continue to enjoy the ability to deposit checks, receive account alerts, make transfers, check balances, and more from the FORUM mobile app. It is possible that some features of the app may be changed due to how the two systems connect to each other, however, no significant functionality will change. Some account alert types may be temporarily unavailable as FORUM works with the provider of the upgraded core software to be able to pass all data needed for current alerts into our mobile app. Restoring all alert types will be a top priority in the months following the upgrade.  

Will how I pay my bills using bill payment within CU Online change?

FORUM is not changing the software used for bill payment. All of your recurring payments, established payees, and payment history will be available in the same manner and no changes to how payments are made are necessary.  

I have a scheduled transfer to make a loan payment and I am not a joint owner on the loan. Do I need to make a change to my scheduled payment?

If you are currently making a payment to a loan type on which you are not a joint owner on please call FORUM before June 30 to be sure your scheduled payment will process correctly. Members will only have access to accounts and loans within CU Online that they are joint owners on.  

If I pay my FORUM loan from another Financial Institution account will I need to make changes to this scheduled payment?

Your scheduled payments from other financial institutions will continue to work as they currently function and no changes are needed to how you have this set up.  

When I use a non-FORUM ATM that has a fee associated with it, when will the fee for using that machine be debited from my account?

After the upgrade, ATM fees (the fee charged by the financial institution who owns the ATM) will be debited from your account daily, which is different from the prior process of all non-FORUM ATM fees being debited from accounts at the end of every month. 

I use FORUM's Bank by Phone System (TellerPhone), will my PIN change after the upgrade?

Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) for TellerPhone will be sent to active users of the system. Please note that a very small number of FORUM members continue to use the TellerPhone account access platform. Most members use online banking or FORUM’s mobile app for convenient account access and transactions. 

Will I need to change any of my account or online passwords?

No, you will not need to change any of your account or online passwords.  


Loan Payments FAQs

I currently use loan coupons to pay my auto loan with FORUM. Can I continue to use the coupons I have?

We encourage members to make their auto loan payments quickly and securely online, using FORUM’s free online banking software. However, if you choose to use printed loan coupons you can continue to use the coupons you have. New coupons will be mailed to you when your existing supply runs out.

I make my loan payment from an account at another financial institution. Can I continue to do this and will anything change with how the payment is made?

Members can continue to have their FORUM loan payments made with funds from an account at another financial institution. The date on which the funds are withdrawn from the account at the other financial institution could be one day earlier beginning July 1, 2018. If using the online loan payment system to make a loan payment from a non-FORUM account, effective July 3, 2018 every member will need to re-register through our secure payment site. Please call us at 317-558-6282 with any questions.

There are no changes if making a payment from a FORUM account. To make a payment from your FORUM Credit Union account, please use the transfer capability within FORUM’s free online banking software, CU Online


Will I continue to receive a monthly billing statement for my auto loan, personal loan, and MoneyLine loan?

In conjunction with FORUM’s core system upgrade, we are streamlining processes and improving efficiencies. Part of this process improvement is the elimination of monthly billing statements for auto, personal, and MoneyLine loans. The final billing statement for these loan types will be the June statement, mailed in July. Please be sure to make note of the monthly due date for your loans and schedule payments to be made monthly on or before the due date.  To request a coupon payment book, please call 317.558.6299, chat at, or stop by any FORUM branch location.