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CommonCents Savings

CommonCents is a savings account that helps you save your money in practical ways.  With this account, you can save your change with every signature  based debit card transaction you make.  Plus, you can earn dividends, receive a bonus reward, and make an additional deposit each month.  


  • Designate a specific amount of change (choose from $.01 to $1) from your checking to go into your CommonCents account for every signature based debit card transaction you make (Ex. If you choose $.50 for each debit card transaction you make and you have 40 debit card transactions in one month, your savings would be $20)
  • Earn a competitive dividend rate
  • Receive a $2 cash bonus for having 30 or more signature based debit card transactions per month
  • Ability to make one automatic transfer each month from your checking to your CommonCents account ($200 limit); you pick the date of the transfer
  • Withdraw money from your CommonCents account at any time

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*FORUM membership, checking account, and eStatements required to open a CommonCents savings account.  A CommonCents account cannot be opened with an initial deposit amount.  Automatic transfer and change transfer will not be completed if there are insufficient funds in checking account. 

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