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Previous Collegiate Scholarship Winners


2016 Scholarship Recipients

Aundrea Coleman

Mount Vernon High School 
Plans to attend:
Ball State University 
Major: Nursing

Financial Dream: "All throughout middle and high school, I learned the importance of saving money and the way money should be handled. I plan to continue to save throughout college and pay off any loan given to me for my education. Being financially stable is my priority. I intend on living my financial dreams through this scholarship by becoming a Registered Nurse with a minor in Spanish."



Jacob Danek

Homeschool, Cardinal Ritter High School 
Plans to attend:
Purdue University
Major: Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering 

Financial Dream: "My financial education began early and included opening my first savings account at FORUM in 2009. My parents have always emphasized the importance of saving money, minimizing debt, and setting goals. Receiving this award will help me realize my financial dreams by minimizing my out-of-pocket college education costs and student loans." 

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David Grandy 

North Central High School 
Plans to attend:
Purdue University 
Major: Business 

Financial Dream: "In my life I want to do something where I honestly believe I can make an impact by helping others, I believe that earning a business degree will put me on that path of success and let me pursue and continue to nurture my passion for business.  To realistically live out and pursue my financial dreams I am attempting to graduate with an undergraduate degree and no debt. This is how the FORUM Collegiate Scholarship will help me live out my financial dreams."




Brogan Hagemeier 

Perry Meridian High School 
Plans to attend:
Indiana University
Major: Microbiology 

Financial Dream: "It has become my dream to graduate from medical school and take my medical degree to third world countries to help people in need. In order to achieve this dream I will need to graduate from college and medical school with as minimal debt as possible, which is how winning this scholarship will help me achieve my financial dream." 

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Ethan Hicks 

Brownsburg High School
Plans to attend:
Purdue University
Major: Biological Sciences 

Financial Dream: "Earning this scholarship will help me to graduate from a world class university debt free. Not only would I then be positioned to achieve my dream of becoming a well respected physician, I would finish my education in a great financial situation."




Grace Rootes 

Noblesville High School 
Plans to attend:
Ball State University 
Major: Special Education; Deaf studies 

Financial Dream: "This scholarship will allow me to fulfill my passion and have an impact on the deaf community.  I will be entering a profession that, while incredibly fulfilling, will require that I manage my finances with great diligence and long term strategy. My financial dream is to successfully manage my finances so that I can still achieve my financial dreams long term while wisely investing and saving what I earn."  

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Lily Wood 

Lutheran High School 
Plans to attend:
Butler University
Major: Journalism 

Financial Dream: "I've been working towards attending my dream school, Butler University, ever since I was young, and have pushed myself through high school to reach their standards. This scholarship would allow me to follow my dreams, without financial worries always in the back of my mind. I would attend Butler's School of Journalism to learn how to work at a newspaper or magazine; my dream job. I can't wait until I can entertain and inspire readers with my words. The funds from the FORUM Scholarship can help me achieve this dream."

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2015 Scholarship Recipients


Megan Burcham

Avon High School
Plans to attend:
Major: Nursing and Spanish

Financial Dream: "Thanks to assistance from FORUM, I feel prepared to take on my future endeavors. In college, my financial needs will be more than I have been able to save for and this scholarship will help offset the deficit. It will allow me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a bilingual registered nurse and traveling the country and world providing medical assistance and translation services to those in need." 

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Caroline Crosslin

Danville Community High School
Plans to attend: Purdue University
Major: Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Financial Dream: "This scholarship will help me live my financial dreams in three simple answers: quality of life, community outreach, and preparation for the future.  I have worked hard to save and manage my money, putting 25% of my paychecks in my college fund to save for my future. Saving this money has allowed me to have a good quality of life and learn saving habits to take into my future.  I do not want to graduate with debt, and with the help of FORUM, I'll be able to go to college and live my financial dreams!" 

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Victoria Long

Center Grove High School
Plans to attend: Davidson College
Major: Neuroscience

Most Proud Accomplishment: "There are a few accomplishments I am most proud of, from my progress in track, my academic achievements consisting of national merit commended, receiving honors recognitions, and the friendships I have built along with the personal growth I have achieved. I am so appreciative of all my experiences throughout high school, and see my growth in maturity, athletic/academic, and social accomplishments as my proudest." 



Isaac Ray 

Hamilton Heights High School 
Plans to attend: Manchester University
Major: Pre-dentistry 

Most Proud Accomplishment: "I am most proud of being awarded with first team Academic All-State for wrestling in 2014. I have always felt academics to be most important, and I have worked hard to keep a stellar GPA. I have had to manage my time wisely balancing homework as well as athletic practices and many other activities such as work, youth group, and coaching and mentoring kids in the youth wrestling programs. I am most proud of what this award encompasses, recognizing the well-rounded individual who displays leadership in the classroom and on the wrestling mat." 



Alec Ridenour

Cathedral High School 
Plans to attend: Indiana University 
Major: Business- Information and Process Management 

Financial Dream: "My financial dream is to grow a successful business that is     committed to developing leaders and serving others. I want to manage a small company and see it grow to be successful enough that we can give back to others who are less fortunate. I will pay it forward." 

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Michael Shores 

Hamilton Southeastern High School 
Plans to attend: IUPUI
Major: Exercise Science; Doctorate in Physical Therapy 

Financial Dream: "I will be in school for about eight years which will come at a very high cost.  I need to be financially stable as quickly as possible so I can offer my time free of charge to those who need it most. This will allow me to work fewer hours during college which would enable me to spend more time studying and volunteering with youth in the community, offering services on the importance of proper nutrition and safety tips on proper athletic training."

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David Work 

Carmel High School 
Plans to attend: Purdue University 
Major: Computer Science 

Financial Dream: "My financial goal is to pay off my college tuition within one year after graduation. I would like to go to Haiti for a year as a long term goal to help a ministry organization. This scholarship will help me fulfill my financial dream which leads to also fulfilling my long term dreams." 

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