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Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, popular national radio personality and the author of three New York Times bestsellers- The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace Revisited and More than Enough.  In them, Ramsey teaches others how to be financially aware and responsible. 

CORE Financial Wellness

Dave Ramsey's Core Financial Wellness is a comprehensive and engaging personal money management course that will teach you how to take control of your greatest wealth-building tool: your income.

The CORE Financial Wellness curriculum is delivered online via video and supported with small group workshops and accompianed by many online tools.  Learn more.

What's Included?

  • Over 14 hours of video teaching from Dave Ramsey, covering every major area of personal finance in vivid, streaming video.
  • Exclusive downloadable resources, including full e-book versions of the workbook, printable budget forms, and the complete MP3 audio of every lesson!
  • Lesson-by-lesson comments and discussions.
  • Powerful online budgeting software (Gazelle Budget) customized to Dave's popular zero-based budget and debt snowball strategies.
  • "Ask Dave" topical search, giving you instant answers to your most common money questions and financial situations.
  • Online quizzes at the end of every course to reinforce the principles and keep you heading in the right direction.
  • 6 months of access to your CORE Financial Wellness account.


We are currently not offering classes, click here for a list of Dave Ramsey classes near you. 

Dave Says

This weekly column features timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual letters and calls received during The Dave Ramsey Show. 

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