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FORUM Credit Union has a variety of tools and resources to encourage better saving and spending habits.  Each month in our newsletter we highlight financial topics to promote financial wellness.
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Surprising Ways To Cut Spending
Do you need a little more cash in your monthly cash flow? You don't always have to consider drastic changes to improve your monthly situation. Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference, especially if you can combine several minor changes. Another way to lower your spending is to look at some of your bigger expenses and see if you can lower the monthly costs for those expenses. When looking to reduce spending, try to consider everything.   Read more >>

SaveItUp Moment

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Don't be an impulse buyer, plan all of your purchases.


According to Andy, what is his fourth tip for renovation projects? Answer on Twitter or Facebook with #SaveItUp for your chance to win $50! Plus, tag up to 5 friends to receive extra entries.