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Treasury Management

Managing a business keeps you busy.  That’s where FORUM comes in with our cash management solutions.  You can spend less time worrying about the details, and your business will run more efficiently.  Depending on the size and needs of your business, we can customize the right products to fit your company.


ACH Origination
Nationwide electronic payment system that is used for direct deposit of employee payroll, direct debit for individuals who pay you on a regular basis, and business to business payments.

Line of Credit Sweep
Automatically monitors and directs checking account funds daily.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
All balances are kept in the main account and funds are transferred automatically from the main account to pay checks written on the ZBA account.

Merchant Card Processing
Partnered with First Data Corporation, the largest card processor in the United States. First Data Corporation offers "One-Stop" shopping for our business members with the processing capabilities they require - including credit, debit, gift cards, prepaid, wireless & internet solutions and more.

Remote Check Deposit
You have the ability to convert paper checks into electronic images, and deposit the images as electronic data, eliminating a trip to the branch.  Your deposit credit appears in your checking account the next day.  For more information on Remote Check Deposit Processing, 
click here.

Please note that the wire feature is coming soon and available for qualified business members. Watch our Wire video for more information.

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