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Business Remote Deposit

We know that you need to work as efficiently as possible, and driving to the branch to make deposits can get expensive and time consuming. That’s why FORUM offers two Remote Deposit solutions for our business members to reduce costs and improve cash management.

Business FAXTeller Plus

This solution is designed for businesses with lower check volume deposits.  No additional hardware equipment or software is required.

What is Business FAXTeller PLUS?
Business FAXTeller Plus allows you to use a standard fax machine to deposit checks electronically from the comfort of your office, with next day funds availability.

What type of business can use Business FAXTeller PLUS?
This solution is designed for companies that deposit fewer than 200 checks per month.

How does Business FAXTeller PLUS work?
Place up to three checks inside your unique check carrier and fax both the front and back of the checks. The digitized image of the check is processed and you will receive a daily confirmation by fax, email, or both.

What do I need to get started?
All you need is a fax machine! Forum will provide you with our dedicated fax number and specially coded check carriers.


Business Remote Deposit

This is a high volume solution that uses a scanner to convert paper checks into electronic images, deposit the images as electronic data, and confirm your deposit credit in your checking account the next day.

What is Business Remote Deposit?
Business Remote Deposit is a web-based service that converts paper checks into electronic transactions resulting in electronic deposits into your checking account.

What do I need to get started?
All you need is a computer with internet access and a check scanner.
How do I select the right scanner?
That depends primarily on the volume of checks you receive at your place of business. FORUM's program supports low to high capacity scanners capable of processing thousands of checks per day.

What types of checks can I process?
Any type of domestic check, money order, travelers check, or official check with an MICR line.

Do I still need to go to the branch to make deposits?
No. Deposits are made at your place of business. After scanning your checks, your deposit is electronically deposited into your Business Checking Account with next day availability.

For additional questions, pricing, or to sign up for Business Remote Deposit, visit any FORUM Branch location or call 317.558.6299 or 800.382.5414 and wait for the option to select “0” for all other requests.

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