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True Story: Celebrating Our Youth

by Doug True, CEO
This April, FORUM is celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month.  Welcoming youth as FORUM members and helping them form positive habits around managing and saving money is a vital part of what we have done throughout our 77-year history. 

My wife and I were both fortunate to have parents that not only taught us the value of saving money, but also did so via credit union membership.  My first exposure to a credit union was as a young child at Naval Avionics Federal Credit Union, now known as Family Horizons Credit Union here in Indianapolis.  I remember my first credit union savings account and looking forward to receiving my monthly statements via U.S. Mail (no electronic statements back in the seventies) showing how my money was growing at the credit union. 

My wife’s story with credit unions is more compelling.  She started with FORUM as young child.  When she opened her FORUM (known then as Indiana Telco Federal Credit Union) savings account, she received a mechanical apple bank with a worm that would come out and take her coin for deposit inside the apple.  This apple bank sits in my FORUM office as a reminder of how important helping our youth is at FORUM.  

While I am certain today’s youth would not be impressed with an apple bank, we are running a contest where one lucky winner will win a Nintendo Switch.  Anyone who opens a new Aware or Student account during the month of April will be entered to win.  Those with existing Aware and Student accounts will automatically receive an entry to win the Switch.  Please visit for details.

With our commitment to our youth, I would like to leave you with two thoughts on the topic.  First, our FORUM team is ready and excited to help the children in your life establish their credit union relationship.  In my regular branch visits, I often witness young new members opening accounts with our team members and even using our coin counting machines with glee as they see their coin totals rise in number and then deposit into their savings account.  You have our commitment that we will make the experience a positive one and we have products that make saving fun. 

Second, if you would like to add a learning opportunity about people helping people, you can also share the credit union cooperative concept with your child or grandchild.  You can help them understand that by having an account at FORUM they are actually helping other FORUM members.  Their money is not sitting in our vault – instead it is being used to help other members buy the home they live in or the car they drive.  Every deposit dollar at the Credit Union is in turn loaned to other members. 

Thank you for being a FORUM member and thank you if you have given the gift of FORUM membership to the youth in your life. 

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