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Be more vigilant during the holidays to protect your money

The holidays bring out the best in most people and it also brings out the worst in some. Fraudsters and thieves use the bustling holiday season to help them deceive unsuspecting people. To avoid being a victim make sure you follow these everyday precautions and don’t get caught up in the holiday rush.
What are the biggest concerns during the holiday season?
It starts with theft, especially purses and wallets. The holidays also see an increased number of scams and online fraud attempts. One also has to be concerned with online shopping especially when using an online marketplace.
What is the most important step in keeping your wallet safe?
One of the most important is don’t leave your wallet, purse or other valuables in your car, even if locked. This is just an invitation for someone to break the window and take your valuables. Even familiar spots like gyms or coffeehouses as well as shopping areas are all prime spots this time of year.
Is there another theft concern during the holidays?
If you are an online shopper, make sure you keep up with the shipping dates and delivery dates of your orders. If you have lots of deliveries, you might not realize until it’s too late that something was taken off your porch after it was delivered.
How do scam artists prey on people during the holidays?
One of the biggest is using fake charities that appeal to people’s desire to help others during the holidays. These can be drives to collect money for Christmas presents for families or to buy food for a special family in need. In reality, they intend to keep all the money for themselves.
Are there other scams that we need to be aware of during this time?
Yes, one of the most prevalent is sending phishing emails with links to malicious viruses or attempts to gather personal information. The email could look like it’s from a reputable organization such as a retailer or shipping organization and they create an urgent situation that gets people to click on a link.
What would be red flags to avoid being defrauded when shopping online?
Always be concerned if you find a deal that is just too good to be true. A second tip is when payment is to be in the form of money orders or wire transfers. One or both of these indicate a high probability that the seller isn’t legitimate and is either after your money or your credit card information and the item you think you are buying will never be delivered.
What are some of the most important steps to take during the holidays?
Use common sense safety precautions, don’t be afraid to question even if it seems like charity and always monitor your financial accounts. Too often during the holidays we let our guard down and our wallet gets stolen or we fall for a scam or we give out our personal information. 

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