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Plan now for a less costly Spring Break

Now really is the perfect time to start planning your spring break. Why, vacations are often cited as a primary reason that people end up in financial distress. Planning and planning early can really help you avoid this problem because you will have more time to find savings. Here are five tips you can use to help you keep your vacation expenses in check:
  1. Look for deals and discounts – being a through shopper including making calls to find non-advertised specials can save money.
  2. Start planning early and book later – don’t be in a hurry to book if you have several potential destinations. The closer to your vacation you might find places offering better deals.
  3. Develop a budget for activities and food – many people have good controls on how much they will spend on lodging and travel but forget about developing an activity and food budget which can explode while you are on vacation.
  4. Choose a destination that offers free activities – this allows you to save money on having to plan and purchase activities for every day. One that comes to mind is traveling to beach locations. A leisurely day on the beach is usually very cost effective and very relaxing.
  5. Be flexible with dates if possible – sometimes, your Spring Break plans will have flexibility, perhaps flying on Thursday to Thursday or other ways to lower costs of transportation or lodging because you can be somewhat flexible.
Remember, a little early planning often reaps very large rewards.

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