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Whether you are 25 or 75, there are many opportunities to make mistakes regarding your retirement from planning to living in retirement. Avoiding as many of these financial blunders as possible is the best way to achieve your retirement dreams.

The amount and type of debt a person has accumulated is directly linked to that person’s current financial wellbeing. Too much debt can be financially debilitating and not using debt can keep a person from moving forward. Fortunately, managing debt wisely isn’t difficult and it can change your financial outlook.

Making financial resolutions each year is an exercise almost all of us do. Unfortunately, we often make vague and hard to measure resolutions. Without specific goals, follow thru is very difficult and without actionable goals, resolutions tend to never move past the proclamation stage.

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If 2020 is the year you plan to purchase your first home, you should consider six very important steps to take to become a smart and desirable home buyer. The market looks to continue to be competitive. Getting yourself prepared will ensure that the process is stress-free and that you get the home of your dreams because you are ready financially.