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Security Notice: Federal Reserve Bank Scam

In a security notice issued by the Federal Reserve Banks, they remind consumers that any video, text, email, phone call, flyer or website instructing them to use Federal Reserve routing and account numbers to pay their bills is a scam.

General best practices for keeping your information secure include:

• Don’t deposit a check and wire money back to a person – this is a popular scam that unfortunately consumers fall victim to.
• Don’t give your account or PIN numbers to anyone on the phone unless you’ve made the call to a company you know to be reputable.
• Fully investigate charities before your give a donation over the phone.
• Don’t agree to any offer for which you have to pay a “registration” or “shipping” fee to get a prize or a gift.
• Beware of offers to “help” you recover money you have already lost. Callers that say they are law enforcement officers who will help you get your money back “for a fee” are scammers.
• Report any caller who is rude or abusive, even if you already sent them money. They'll want more. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP or visit

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Categories: Identity Theft

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