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Finding ways to save in June

June is a busy month with several opportunities to spend money like graduations, weddings and entertainment. The key to having a strong financial month is finding ways to save on those expenses. 
June can be a big month for wedding and graduation gifts, how can we control this expense?
For some people, it might be appropriate to make a gift or provide a service if you have a particular talent. For a couple it could be watching their dog on their honeymoon and for a graduate it could be making their high school video for their graduation open house. 
Are there any entertainment deals to consider in June?
Many movie theatres offer discounts during the day and especially if you are looking for kid activities in a cool place, going to a movie might be a money savings option.  Many parks offer free evening concerts that might be a great option for entertainment.
Are there any bargain vacations to consider in June?
Last minute cruises might be an option but remember these will be during hurricane season. Other options include camping and other outdoor activities. Also, if you bump your vacation up from July to early June, usually the costs are lower.
What items have the best deals in June?
Typically June is a great month to purchase power tools, indoor furniture and exercise equipment. Most of these retailers are looking to drive sales in one of their slower months of the year. Sometimes laptops and other devices are on sale in June too.
What are a few ideas on cutting expenses in the summer?
If you are a homeowner, a little maintenance can be a big dividend, installing clean filters and shading the AC unit are good places to start. For everyone, setting the thermostat a little higher and closing shades during the day are two other ways to keep energy costs down.
Are there other ways to save in June?
Look for saving opportunities for everyday activities, golf courses, pools and other places that offer membership might have specials later in the month. Make sure you ask for discounts if you have been tardy in getting your summer memberships lined up.
What is the biggest financial mistake that should be avoided in June?
First and foremost don’t finance a summer vacation that will take you three years to pay back. Look for alternative vacations that will cost less so that you don’t finance more than 50% of your vacation expenses.  Make sure any amount you finance you can pay off preferably within 12 months.
What is the biggest budget buster that goes unnoticed?
Most definitely it has to be graduation expenses, whether it’s high school or college. It starts with the graduation itself, then the dinner, new clothes, the open house and the gifts. If you don’t plan for these, then you are likely hitting the emergency fund very quickly.

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