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Avoiding Summer Financial Mistakes

The summer should be a time that our budget isn’t stressed and there should be few financial concerns. Unfortunately, the summer months have many potential financial mistakes just lurking in the background waiting for you to succumb to their pull. These can be increased spending, poor financial habits or just plain financial carelessness. Try to avoid these common summer budget mistakes:
  • Overspending on summer fun versus savings
  • Putting summer vacation on a credit card
  • Not waiting for end of season sales
  • Spending too much on kids’ summer activities
  • Missing payments while traveling
  • Not budgeting for summer activities
  • Putting your guard down regarding fraud
  • Cooling an empty house
  • Keeping the blinds open during the day
  • Failing to take advantage of free activities

Some of these summer mistakes might not seem that significant but if they are made repeatedly over the entire summer, the dollars can add up. The best way to avoid these summer mistakes is to build a summer budget, remind yourself to keep up your good financial habits and review your progress on a weekly basis. 

Download or print "Avoiding Summer Financial Mistakes" PDF

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