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Online Banking and Budgeting

If you have always desired a budget, but feel like the creation and upkeep of one would be too much effort, there might be a better way. As a FORUM member, you have access to FORUM’s free online banking program, CU Online.
Within CU Online, you have the convenience of tracking all of your transactions in one place. Plus, if you are a joint owner on other FORUM accounts, you can see them all while logged in under one account.
Financial Management Tools
FORUM’s online banking also provides a way for you to create and edit a budget. It allows you to set up and track your cash flow through categories assigned to your transactions with FORUM. These include categories like auto, dining, education, groceries, insurance, utilities, and many more.
We know banking is a personal matter. That’s why we think it’s important that our members have a way to customize their online banking experience. Within CU Online, you can set custom notifications and alerts. For instance, you can set balance alerts to receive a summary of your account balances, or even to get notified when a withdrawal exceeds a certain limit you have set. You can also determine the frequency of these alerts as well as how you would like to receive the alerts – by email or text. To set up these notifications and alerts, log in to your CU Online account, click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner that shows your name, then click on Alerts. You can then click on the “Add +” button to add custom alerts.
Getting Started
Not enrolled in CU Online yet? It’s easy to get started. Click here for the CU Online Log In screen. You can also get to the Log In screen by visiting FORUM’s website at Once you are viewing the Log In screen, you will see an “Enroll Now” button. Click on this and you will be taken step by step through the simple enrollment process.

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